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Impact of Political Threats against Supreme court Judges

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    In last week or so we have seen an intensified , campaign in Nawaz Sharif's private gatherings and political speeches to target the Supreme court Judges. Their verdict of disqualifying Nawaz Sharif from Head office , has not gone well with the disqualifyed Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan

    The most important message or question that most people in Pakistan have now is how is it possible that a person who was publically disqualified by 5 Judges of Supreme court. The

    "Disqualification note , occured after an intensive Evidence gathering session"

    So why is it that the Family for Nawaz Sharif has been allowed to continue to meddle around in the political affairs of Nation?

    a) Are disqualified members allowed to have TV time, to criticize the national institutes such as Supreme court or Military?

    b) Why are Maryem / her husband walking around with out asked to pay heavy fines and fees to state and also getting a disqualification verdict from Politics?

    Is the Pakistani politics not capable of Producing a Unique and intellectually capable alternative apart from having ties to a Dynasty like "Family" culture

    Un Answered Questions from Last 5 Year:

    1- If someone has comitted money laundering ? Why are they not in jail
    2- If someone has hidden companies overseas (which are active running companies)
    3- Why is Nawaz Sharif allowed to spew anti Pakistani agenda in his speeches, what has prevente him from a ban similar to Altaf Hussain?

    Also similarly when ever Maryem Nawaz has a hearing or is asked to come to NAB or investigation bureue , she does a political speech days before spewing anti state materia to pressurize employees of Government who are tasked to investigate her own corruption charges?

    Think about it for second , if Mafia Gangster was engaged by Justice system, and then the Mafia head is allowed to use loud speaker outside of Judges and police officer's houses to curse and humiliate them publically. How would future judges and police officers handle cases of corruption against Politicians ?
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