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IMF says Pakistan needs to overcome trust deficit


Apr 22, 2021
United States
IK of yesteryear & todays IK are 2 very different people.

IK has gained hard core support in youth & women who were actively fighting in Zaman Park. If these people can fight for IK, they can fight IK as well.

His majority hardcore support is following for 1 reason which is military has been trying to play politics at the price of Pakistani people, and its in the open now, they will force IK to take on Phooj and most likely youth will win.

Army has no way out, they are already trying as much as they can.
There is no future of IK in Pakistani politics so long as he doesn't take on the military head on and comes out on top...

He's been playing the passive anti-violence peacenik and sadly that's a strategy of a fool which will end in failure. He's already at his wit's end and at this point might just be considering a safe exit for a peaceful retirement abroad. If he has an iota of sense, he would have known by now that our people are neither capable of nor interested in living freely. Time to cut losses and move on.

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