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IMF chief Lagarde to visit India in March

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    Press Trust of India | 28-Jan
    21:30 PM Davos: International
    Monetary Fund (IMF) chief
    Christine Lagarde will
    visit India in March. After
    meeting Lagarde on the
    sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF)
    annual meeting here,
    Commerce and Industry
    Minister Anand Sharma
    told reporters, "We had
    free exchange of views and we have known
    each other for a long
    time. When she comes to
    India in March, we will
    take forward the talks." The IMF is playing a key
    role in tackling the
    European debt contagion
    which is threatening to
    derail the global
    economic growth prospects. Earlier in the day, Lagarde
    told delegates at the WEF
    that no one is immune to
    the European crisis and
    urged the region's
    leaders to create firewall to contain the turmoil. "No one is immune in the
    current situation... It is a
    crisis that could have co-
    lateral effect, spillover
    effect around the world.
    Everybody has an interest to solve this
    situation," she said. The International
    Monetary Fund (IMF) sees
    three necessary solution
    to the current situation. "The first one is about
    growth. Growth will be
    critical for many reasons
    to deal with the job issue,
    to deal with the fiscal
    consolidation and to necessitate value creation
    in the part of the world,
    where there is pretty
    much zero growth,"
    Lagarde said.