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IHSRC - Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company


Dec 9, 2011
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
In 1969, following the purchase of considerable number of helicopters from Italian company “Agusta” initial step to establish a helicopter support and maintenance unit, under the name of “ Iran Helicopter Company Joint Stock” was taken.

By purchasing a substantial number of helicopters from American “ Bell Textron “ in 1973, extensive planning to support new fleet was made and 3 main sections namely: (NMP), (HDMC) and (NICP) were defined for it.

Accomplishing this “Iran Helicopter support and renewal company” (IHSRC) became the largest helicopter maintenance center in the Middle East. Following the victorious Islamic Revolution in 1979, severance of ties with the USA and the imposed war inflicted to the new regime, loyal experts of “IHSRC” with the aim of supporting Islamic combatant in the battle fronts were able to reach self-sufficiency in maintenance and renewal of Iran helicopters fleet.

In the wake of these achievements,the responsibility to repair and support of 10 different models of military and civil helicopters,totally to 16 types of helicopters belonging to domestic companies,such as;”Iran Red Crescent Organization ”Iran Telecommunication Organizatio”,”Tavanir”and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), was given to “IHSRC”.

In 2002 “IHSRC” obtained necessary licences issued by “Civil Aviation Organization” to perform basic repairs and overhaul of civil helicopter models of 205, 212, 214 and 412.

Based on the repair schedules and for renewal and repair activities helicopters are placed in the proper jigs & fixtures.

All power transmission systems of helicopters such as Clutches, Main 42 and 90 degree Gearboxes are overhauled and tested at this workshop by sophisticated test equipments and are prepared for installation on helicopters.

Defective blades are paint stripped and dispatched to the blade shop for necessary repairs, painting and static balancing.

Producing all types of polymeric and composite aircraft fuel cell by research and development in Iran.

Design and manufacturing of jig & fixtures are part of main activity to build or rebuild cabin and tail booms for different structures. Experienced designers can assist in these cases to make subassembly and final assembly fixture for different needs.

After removal of cabin from fixture and transferring to the final assembly area, all parts and repaired components are reinstalled on helicopter according to the repair procedures and necessary adjustments and calibrations are carefully implemented to ensure the conformity of the performed repairs with aviation standards.

To assess the possibility of manufacturing process for metal and nonmetallic parts, preparation of production process, determination of required technology, selection of standard materials, preparation of workshop drawings and finally assembly plan for newly fabricated parts is part of expert engineers tasks in which by computer aides are responsible for such activities.



Jun 25, 2010
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
For those who don't know, IHSRC is the same as PANHA (The latter is the acronym of the name in Persian). Interesting enough, The company is now actually making helicopters (A prototype of P-1 is already built and P-2 is to be made soon enough). Maybe they should change the name to reflect it.


Mar 20, 2013
بازسازی و تولید بالگرد 412 برای نخستین بار در کشور
Reproduction 412 helicopters for the first time in the country

به گزارش ایرنا از روابط عمومی وزارت دفاع، یک فروند بالگرد 15 نفره 412 که به دست متخصصان شرکت پنها در کمتر از یک سال نوسازی و اورهال شده، روز گذشته(سه شنبه) با حضور جمعی از مسوولان صنعت هوایی از جمله امیر خلبان احمدآبادی مدیرعامل شرکت پنها مجددا عملیاتی شد.

این بالگرد دو موتوره قابلیت حمل و جابجایی 15 خدمه و سرنشین را دارد و در ماموریت های مختلف تجاری و پروازی سیویل(OFF - SHORE)، در صنایع نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی برای انجام محافظت، اکتشاف و بهره برداری و یا عملیات جستجو و نجات دریایی در مرزهای آبی و سطح دریا، حمل و نقل مسافر و بار و... مورد بهره برداری قرار می گیرد.

این بالگرد ساخت شرکت «بل» - Bell - آمریکا است که برای اولین بار مطابق با الزامات و استانداردهای هوانوردی بین المللی و هواپیمایی کشوری با تعمیر و بازسازی و ساخت و تولید برخی قطعات دارای مجوز و تامین دیگر قطعات مورد نیاز از منابع مختلف، در کمتر از یک سال بطور کامل بازسازی شده و پس از طی مراحل ثبت تجاری سیویل، جهت بهره برداری در ناوگان بالگردی تجاری ایران، تحویل شرکت هلی کوپتری ایران می شود.

با توجه به تحریم های اعمال شده علیه جمهوری اسلامی ایران و خروج و خودداری شرکت های خارجی دارنده بالگرد از ارائه خدمات در حوزه خلیج فارس و دریای خزر و با توجه به اهمیت حیاتی این موضوع برای کشور، تولید بالگردهای 121 در سنوات اخیر و تولید بالگرد 412 به عنوان یکی از بهترین بالگردهای روز دنیا، نقش بسیار کلیدی در ارائه خدمات بالگردی در مرزهای آبی شمال و جنوب کشور داشته و این اقدام که در سازمان صنایع هوایی وزارت دفاع با عزم ملی و همت جهادی متخصصین شرکت پشتیبانی و نوسازی بالگردهای ایران(پنها) در شرایط سخت تحریم در راستای لبیک به فرمان مقام معظم رهبری و فرماندهی کل قوا، حضرت امام خامنه ای مدظله العالی به انجام رسیده، جهشی 30 ساله در زمینه تولید بالگرد در جمهوری اسلامی ایران را موجب شده است

توسط متخصصان پنها صورت گرفت اورهال و نوسازی بالگرد ۱۵ نفره ۴۱۲ برای اولین بار در ایران



Mar 20, 2013

Iran IHSRC aviation industries made R44 Chopper " Sourena "

Iran has unveiled one of its US-made R44 helicopters at the International Aviation Industry Exhibition on Kish Island.
Earlier this month, managing director of Iranian Helicopter Company (IHC) had announced that the country has purchased a number of US-made helicopters and the training courses to operate the choppers have already been completed.

“The four helicopters purchased from the US are currently in operation and the training courses relating to working with them have been completed,” Mahmoud Azin told the Tasnim News Agency on November 12.

He also commented on the overhaul and maintenance of the helicopters inside Iran, saying, “We have no problem in repairing, maintaining and supplying the spare parts of the R44 helicopters.
Manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company, R44 Helicopters are good for private, business, and utility applications and provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance.
The 7th International Kish Air Show kicked off on November 18 at Kish International Exhibition Center.
It has been jointly organized by the IHC and the Kish Development and Investment Company.

Tasnim News Agency - Iran Unveils Its R44 Chopper

Iran documentary of Shahed 285 chopper / Shahed 285 attack helicopter


Jan 11, 2009
With all due respect for the ability to keep equipment flying, do they develop/make anything new?

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