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If South Asian countries were in Europe

Sainthood 101

Jul 24, 2021
United States
Hmm, if you list some names I will gladly search. :agree:

And I just hate that word obese. It is a creation of those Western Capitalist enterprises - health food industry and sports clothing industry other than even in desi land the wedding clothes industry where the bride has to look "fit" by the time her 20 wedding rituals start. And in desi land this started in the last 15 years perhaps which is why those actresses were voluptuous then but now there is brainwashed societal and industry pressure on actresses to look a certain "fit" way.
Don't know names just songs cause like never watched movies except for a couple but songs were famous



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Apr 23, 2022
Exactly 75 years of this god saken country. Same script over and over again.
You must go and ask our army good at making dramas to ban me or pick me up. I am only a bloody civilian.
As far your above post it is as silly as can be. Pakistan is not even capable of comparison to any eurpeon country.
We are rude, corrupt, religious intolerant and dirty the dirtiest nation on earth probably. And many other thing.
We can be compared to itlay only for its mafias. We have better mafias then them and no one can capture them. Even Allah seems to give them free reign here.
And what triggered me most that how in this day and age we Pakistanis have the audacity to belittle other aouthasians such as indians or Bangladeshis, or even considen them racially or culturally inferior. Why? What has Pakistan done or achieved?
Have you seen srilanka, it is suffering from crisis but it is overall developed infrastructure. Bhutan and myanmar are also doing fine. Bangladesh and india has made huge huge progress. What have we done?
Struck in the 90s? What is left is Afghanistan. Even if they dont have terrorism their cities are much more cleaner and better managed then the shithole cities we have.
Stop being prejudice. Every country has their own food and you may not like it but that doesnt make the food bad.

Dude is watan se bought muhabbat hai. 75 saal hi history dekho to aik hi game baar baar khela gaya hai. Humain dhoka diya gaya hai. We do nit control siachen. Only we are sitting at the edge. We loose huge areas in azad kashmir. We lose several villages in gilgit baltistan.
We loose Bangladesh.
We loose our prestige. We loose our reapect. We cannot control terroism.
This baloch is self created. No neutral use their power to divide balochistan info 5 states as it was before partition. Who was the stupid that merged the states and formed a united balochistan?why neutrals don't use power there?
Why karachi mahajir doesnt have mayor with powers. Why sindh is worse then sub sahara. Terrorism and seperatist movement being fanned everywhere. And our state shelter shia and sunni sectarian terrorist groups.
Pakistan is 2nd largest shia nation can Pakistan afford this?

Kaya hum phr se yeahi kaha ga ke bhoka nanga balochi sindh Pakistan pe bojh tha, acha hua alag ho gaya?
Ab hum khub taraqi kerain ga?

Pakistan would increase it in few years dont worry.
No we don't get a good deal. Pakistan region is almost a desert type region.its rainforest are cut for farming later india stopped its rivers and ecology has been destroyed.
There are 1 crore refugees who are now Pakistanis. We cant wish them away. We have to accept them.

30 lakh Bangladeshis, 40 lakh Afghans ans 10 lakh rohingiya. We have to adjust them
It's not like we have it any different here.
We also have similar of not same troubles.


Sep 22, 2016
this is a fun thread , why are u been so hurt. also how comparing neighbours to frannce and Germany is condescending to them, have you met Germans in real life? its a high praise.
I know that but you do said Bangladeshi food is not good. After that this forum has been a racist forum for ages and me along with you all have been involved in calling indians, others dark skinned, small, inferior, nanathradrals etc etc. That is not the behaviour of a respectable nation.. I dont know where this prejudice came from. But it should have some logic. Either we are very smart people or we have developed our country or advanved in any single field. We are nehind Bangladesh and india in evrything. And yet we are living in some lala land where we are kind of superior beings. We are not. Infact we are very intolerant, emotional, conflict loving people and we need to mend our ways to move forward

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