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IDEX 2017: New Rabdan ends UAE 8x8 search

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    UAE company Tawazun has developed a new variant of the Arma 8x8 armoured vehicle in partnership with Turkish manufacturer Otokar.

    The vehicle has been re-branded as the Rabdan and is being displayed on the Tawazun stand at IDEX 2017 fitted with a turret taken from a UAE Army BMP-3 amphibious vehicle.

    Rabdan has been developed by Al Jasoor, a joint venture company between Tawazun and Otokar UAE, which is a subsidiary of Otokar. The infantry fighting vehicle is to be built in manufacturing facilities at the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi.

    The UAE Army has long had a requirement for a new vehicle to replace its tracked BMP-3 vehicles but wants a more mobile 8x8 wheeled vehicle to take its place.

    In 2006, Patria had developed an 8x8 AMV variant with an extended hull that could be fitted with the turret from the BMP-3, but no solution has been found. At IDEX in 2015, UAE company EDT displayed the Enigma 8x8 vehicle that was developed in partnership with Nimr and Irish drive train company Timoney, which was specially designed for the turret, but that vehicle has not re-appeared this year at IDEX.

    This year, Patria has made another attempt with the AMV28A, a modernised variant of its earlier vehicle, also with an extended hull. But now the Rabdan variant of the Arma 8x8 could be the latest attempt by a foreign 8x8 manufacturer to convert one of its vehicles to fit the turret.

    Otokar has secured a $661 million contract to build Rabdan for the UAE military and could represent the end of the UAE's search for a vehicle.

    Technical specifications provided by Tawazun state that the Rabdan has Gross Vehicle Weight of 28t with a maximum of 30t. It is 8m long by 3.25m wide and has a height of 2.3m. This is heavier and bigger in size than the standard 24t Arma 8x8 – Comparing the specifications the Rabdan has been lengthened by 15cm and widened by 55cm to fit the turret.

    This is what other armoured vehicle providers have been attempting to do. With the contract it seems that Otokar has come up with a cost effective solution that the UAE is happy with.

    Rabdan has a crew capacity up to 12 including the driver and commander. In the IFV configuration there is gunner, commander, driver and eight dismounts, but the APC version has 10 dismounts with just a driver and commander. It offers ballistic protection up to STANAG Level 4 and mine protection up to STANAG Level 4a/b.

    Power comes from a six cylinder, 12.5 litre diesel Caterpillar 600hp engine, water cooled and with F-34 and F-54 fuel compatibility. It has an Allison 4500 gearbox and Michelin XZL 14.00 R20 tyres with a Run Flat system and CTIS.

    Rabdan has a top speed of 105km/h and a range of 700km and can travel up to 10km/h in water with its rear propellers.

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