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IDC Report: Xiaomi leads the smart TV market in India

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    IDC Report: Xiaomi leads the smart TV market in India

    As always, the international market research firm known as IDC has released a new report on sales in the Indian market. For this opportunity, the IDC report was about the smart home technology market in the second quarter of 2018. Not only include smart TVs but also speakers, smart lights, thermostats, smart home security products, among many others devices. And although the results are quite satisfactory, with shipments that increased exponentially, the most impressive thing has been that Xiaomi, being a young company in the smart TV sector, became the leader in a short time.

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    IDC Report: Xiaomi tripled its shipments!

    Xiaomi was able to triple its shipments to India in the second quarter of 2018 to become the market leader in the smart TV category. According to the Chinese company, they have sold half a million televisions since its India entering.

    Xiaomi smart TVs are not only cheaper than the competition, but they are also customized for the market. Owners can connect their tv boxes to them and watch the content online instead of switching from one to the other. Another really useful thing is that the remote control included with the TV also works with the connected decoder.


    Xiaomi smart TVs in India

    In 2018 early, Xiaomi announced its first smart TV for India market, the 55-inch Mi LED TV 4 PRO. It sold out in less than 10 seconds in its first flash sales, even with its price of Rs. 39999 (around $624).


    A few months after, Xiaomi launched cheaper models: the 32-inch Mi LED TV 4A and the 43-inch Mi LED TV 4A, which are priced at Rs. 13999 (around $190) and Rs. 22999 (around $313) respectively. They are much cheaper than the first television that he announced. Finally, Xiaomi also added the 32-inch Mi LED TV 4C PRO and the 49-inch My LED TV 4A PRO to its inventory.

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