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IAF's Balakot Disaster Two Years On

Irfan Baloch

Apr 12, 2009
Since you believe PAF hundred percent correct tell me this ..was it JF 17 which shot the Su 30 or F 16 ?
there is a saying by PAF that it doesnt matter we slapped IAF with right hand or left hand.
the exploded AMRAAM piece shown by your airforce chief points at F-16 culprit though



Mar 21, 2007
United States
Pakistan's desire for peace must not be misunderstood, PAF chief says on 2nd anniversary of 'Operation Swift Retort'

February 27, 2021

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan addresses a ceremony at the Air Headquarters in Islamabad on Saturday. — DawnNewsTV

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan addresses a ceremony at the Air Headquarters in Islamabad on Saturday. — DawnNewsTV

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan on Saturday cautioned that Pakistan's desire for peace should not be misunderstood as the nation marked the second anniversary of 'Operation Swift Retort' — conducted on February 27, 2019 — which resulted in the downing of two Indian planes that had violated Pakistani airspace.

Addressing a ceremony at the Air Headquarters in Islamabad, the PAF chief termed February 27 as a significant day not just for the Pakistan Air Force but for the whole of Pakistan, saying on that day "PAF once again upheld its glorious legacy and deterred the aggressor who gravely miscalculated and challenged our sovereignty."

The ceremony started with a flypast of the air force's fighter planes.

The air chief said Pakistan had responded to the violation of the Line of Control (LoC) by Indian planes in a manner that "made our nation proud", adding that the country's air force "proved equal to the Quaid's vision of being second to none and established our supremacy in the air".

A contingent of the Pakistan Air Force is seen during the ceremony. —DawnNewsTV

A contingent of the Pakistan Air Force is seen during the ceremony. —DawnNewsTV

"I appreciate all personnel of Pakistan Air Force for their professionalism, valour [and] commitment displayed in Operation Swift Retort."

He iterated that Pakistan was a responsible and peace-loving country and its efforts for international peace, especially in Afghanistan, the Middle East and in UN peacekeeping missions were being acknowledged by the international community.

One such manifestation of peace was witnessed by the world through the unconditional return of captured Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman by the government of Pakistan, he added.

"However, let me make it very clear that our desire for peace should not be misunderstood. In case of any misadventure, our response would be swift, resolute and unwavering."

He appreciated the force for "remaining proactive in maintaining peace and deterring aggression despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic", saying the air force was committed to increasing its potential for the defence of the country.

He also expressed support for Kashmiris, stressing that "it is time to bring an end to the atrocities and longest lockdown of more than 1.5 years".

Meanwhile, Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar also expressed similar resolve, saying:
"Pak stands [for] peace but when challenged, shall respond with full might."

In a tweet, the DG ISPR said Feb 27, 2019, was a testament that Pakistan Air Force "with support of the nation, will always defend the motherland against all threats".

"It is not numbers but courage & will of a resilient nation that triumphs in the end."

PM congratulates nation, armed forces

Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the nation and the country's armed forces on the occasion of "our response to India's illegal, reckless military adventure of airstrikes against Pakistan".
He recalled how Pakistan had responded with determined resolve at a time and place of its choosing.
The premier said Pakistan had shown responsible behaviour in contrast to India's irresponsible military brinkmanship by returning Abhinandan. "We have always stood for peace & remain ready to move forward to resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue," he said in the tweet.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in his address, said that Pakistan delivered a "fitting response".

He said that Pakistan did not want to heighten tensions but wanted to show the world that it possessed the capability to defend itself and respond to any Indian "misadventure".

"We protected our borders and sovereignty but tried to ensure there was no loss of life," said the foreign minister, adding that the captured Indian pilot was soon released as a gesture of "goodwill". "The world appreciated this and today the world understands that Pakistan wishes for peace."

Information Minister Shibli Faraz said the day marked Pakistan's "honour and prestige".

"The shaheens of the air force [made] the enemy see stars during the day and lifted the entire nation's head with pride."

Faraz said Pakistan wanted peace in the region, cautioning however, that it was capable of responding to any aggression.
Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Security Dr Moeed Yusuf said that two years ago, Pakistanis had come together and shown the world their capability and resolve to defend their country's sovereignty.
"I especially salute our brave soldiers, sailors and airmen whose tireless vigil keeps our people safe and defends every inch of our homeland," he added.

'Tremendous restraint'

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office in a statement said the entire nation today "remembers with great pride Pakistan’s befitting response to India’s irresponsible military misadventure two years ago".

It noted that on Feb 27, 2019, the PAF shot down two Indian fighter jets and captured an Indian pilot after India violated Pakistani airspace.

"The whole world witnessed that Pakistan, once again, not only resolutely safeguarded its territorial sovereignty, but also acted with tremendous restraint and responsibility. The captured Indian pilot was returned as a gesture of peace," read the press release.

It said the government, armed forces and people of Pakistan "stand united against any threat or misadventure and will always act with iron resolve to protect and preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan".

The FO added: "We once again make clear to the world community that Pakistan remains committed to peaceful coexistence and resolution of the long outstanding Jammu & Kashmir dispute in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people."



Nov 9, 2009
United Kingdom
The fact that Modi won the elections despite losing the battle to Pakistan shows how popular Modi is in India.
The myths of killing over 300 militants in Balakot, shooting down an F-16 were all created to both keep Modi in limelight and to deescalate. Anything negative like Bipin refusing to fly to Delhi that day , shooting down own helicopter and killing six IAF personal was either swept under the carpet or put on back burner for 8 months.....well after the elections were over.


Apr 22, 2010
United States
or shows how blind indians are in hate .no body asked a question why MI-17 was downed which took 7 lives .
Anyone who has visted india comes to same conculsion be it obama or bush....india is united through hatred of pakistan
Now he say in this article..Su 30 MKI survived a direct hit from F 16 missile ..where as PAF is erecting monuments of Su 30 tail .. claiming it to be shot down by JF 17.

So which is it was Su 30 shot down or not..was It JF 17 which fired the missile or F 16 ?
Su30 was hit based upon radar data but obviously it is not a visually confirmed kill

Is that so tough to understand ?

Atleast we dont have stupid claims like denying crystal clear statelite images, ignoring terminal videos shown by our standoff weapons and refusing to provide your own, stupid claim of f16 shot down or labelling a mig21 engine as f16 engine and the list goes on


Sep 16, 2015
there is a saying by PAF that it doesnt matter we slapped IAF with right hand or left hand.
the exploded AMRAAM piece shown by your airforce chief points at F-16 culprit though

Do you know AMRAAM C5 explodes, when it hits chaff. It does not need to hit an aircraft to explode.


Sep 28, 2006
And if Abhinadan was given Vir Charka for shooting down F16 then Normal Ali(a f 16 Pilot) was given Sitara-e - Jurat for shooting down Su 30 MKI.
..which he never did and certainly not from JF 17.

PAF even erected monument showing JF 17 shooting down Su 30 MKI.
Noman Ali was never awarded ANY medal for shooting down ANY MKI, he was awarded a medal for shooting down the Bison, kindly get your facts right.

PAF never had/has erected any monument suggesting that JF-17 shot down MKI

Death Professor

Sep 3, 2018
What nonsense word jumble are trying you trying here..he is clearly claiming in this article Su 30 MKI survived a direct hit from F 16.

Surviving means not crashing and nothing else.
Sadly, I have to repeat myself twice in a same thread.

if a Pajeet didn't understand the first time and believed his own "go-maut" media, then there is nothing on this earth that will him make him change his mind, unless there is hard pictorial, physical evidence like Mig-21.

Imran Khan

Oct 18, 2007

لکھنؤ سے تعلق رکھنے والی رتوجا تیواری کہتی ہیں کہ 'وہ 300 لوگ افسوسناک طور پر مارے گئے لیکن پاکستان نے ایک دہشتگرد حملہ کیا تھا، تو اس کے علاوہ کوئی چارہ نہیں تھا'



Aug 9, 2013
Western defense experts are calling out the IAF’s recent exercise as overcompensating for their impotence in 2019

So the ordinance decimates a huge chunk of a 2 meter thick steel reinforced concrete target but just makes tiny holes in flimsy sheet metal roofed sheds and magically kills everyone and everything inside.

Also seems like an after thought to do on 27 after realizing PAF celebrations otherwise they would have done it in 26th.

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