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Oct 8, 2009
United States
New Delhi: Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani could be facing sedition charges for allegedly giving "hate speeches" at a seminar on azadi for Kashmir, held in Delhi a few days ago.

This "hate speech" by the Kashmiri separatist leader led to protests by, among others, the BJP, which accused the government of being soft on the separatists.

"Freedom to speech is a fundamental right, no doubt, but you can't be speaking so much against the country and in such a tone, meaning to excite people who are working against this country," said Nirmala Sitharaman, BJP Spokesperson.

Geelani, however, says the FIR will not make much of a difference. "Already 90 FIRs have been registered against me, this will be the 91st," he said

Government sources say that if Geelani can be charged, so can author and radical activist Arundhati Roy, who said in Srinagar yesterday that Kashmir was historically not a part of India and accused the government of being a colonising power after independence.

Both Geelani and Roy's comments are well known. Yet, coming in the midst of the Centre's peace efforts in the Valley, these have triggered a ferocious controversy on freedom of speech: Just how far can they go?

"I think people should realise that their freedom of expression must not be construed by other people as abuse of that freedom. If the lines have been crossed, that is being seen and then whatever action needs to be taken will be taken. But I stand for the freedom of expression for all citizens," said Dilip Padgaonkar, Centre's Interlocutor for Kashmir.
There's no case against either as of now, but the issue has already thrown up fundamental questions on the freedom of speech, famously summarised by political philosopher Voltaire, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Govt 'nod' to case against Syed Ali Shah Geelani


My personal views : This is a welcome move by GOI...This will do a world of good to our status of being a soft power...Now Ms Roy should also be booked....These people should know that democracy does not mean you can keep on ranting whatever u like to...

@ Mods : Can you please help change the title..For some reason i thought the script will only show the heading and not the absolute path


Mar 27, 2009
Geelani, however, says the FIR will not make much of a difference. "Already 90 FIRs have been registered against me, this will be the 91st," he said
These kind of statements shows the taken for granted attitude of separatists..Everybody and anybody can make statements against the country and get away with it..worst they gloat about it....We need to put 'Fear of god' amongst them....Same goes for Mrs Roy...She has to know and understand that there are consequences involved by making these kinds of statements....

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