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how we make best pakistan?

Discussion in 'Pakistan Economy' started by flyahyassg, May 8, 2008.

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    assalam-0-alaikum and hi to every one.

    Now today my discussion is about pakistan's economy as we know that we are all of the squad members like the frontline soldiers here to save pakistan for the best economy of pakistan it is necessory that to spread education in every part of the pakistan but alas we forget our mission the mission which was orderd by our father the 'FATHER OF NATION' and we are not keeping the promise which was oughted by our elders before us but now we forget it and going bussy and bussy in many other abuses and damn things like 'DATING' at date points waste of time on internet watching movies and movies like blue movies, damn songs and every first person is a big chatter on mobile phone and many other problems in our society are every where in the society and no body is here to take some actions on it. and all of the factors are the major termites and creating rocks between the economy and education system of pakistan. no body i.. think no body have a solution for these facts. but O PAKISTAN don't scared i.. no we are here my squad members and squad heads are here to save you and your innocent generation and people. in last i request to all of my heads of the squadron to help me to make our internet facility useful and save our new generation from drawbacks of internet. plz plz plz do some thing for **** people becaise there is no concept of educated sense and none of the **** guy or man or girl or woman having the deciding power. remember the motto of the 'MAJOR' ENEMY OF MUSLIM UMMAH IS TO SPREAD 'ZIONISM' IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD SPECIALL TO MAKE PAKISTAN WEAK AND CONVERT OUR COUNTRY INTO DISTRUCTION BUT we are here as a decipher and no body can do any type of distruction matter in my presence. what are all of you thinking reply me speciall it is equest to my seniors.
    may allah save us and our country.