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How to deal with growing Sindhi Nationalism?

Jul 10, 2018
Must be being fuelled by RAW! Identify the leaders, and take them out in the most brutal manner!! Don't make the same mistake as done with Mujib and his cohorts....

Whoever goes against a Muslim state becomes a Murted! The Katl of the Murtedin is Vejip...
If the Muslim state is like Ottoman Turkey who mass murdered Armenians and other Christian population during world war 1, then it's compulsory to wage war against that Muslim polity.

Ahmet Pasha

May 23, 2017
United States
The South Punjab is historically part of Sindh, all the way up to Multan. We are willing to retake it add to Sindh but don't be mistaken about Sindhis giving up or dividing any part our land. That's a no no.
Lo bai here we go again. Kya ap ko bhi state/punjabi/fouj/sons of soil genocide kar rae hain?

Kya ap bhi poore Pakistan ko rizk dene ka dawa karte hain??

Kia ab bhi apni har problem Waderon, sardaron aur PPP k bajaye state/punjabi/fouj/sons of soil k sar daaltey hajn??

Agar aisa hai. To ap Karachiomania jese mohlak marz k mareez ho sakte hain. Ilaaj k liye Pindi mein waqea ghq se rabta farmaye.

Tabiyat ziyada kharab hone par Aabpara se rujoo farmae. Shukria.


Aug 3, 2008
A growing threat is the rapid feeling of alienation among the educated Sindhi youth. There exists a wide wedge between them and the state. The recent Bahria Town fiaso has only exasperated these feelings of alienation. Additional factors are...
1) PPP governance
2) No credible alternative to PPP ( PTI had a chance to capitalize on the Bahria Town incident but it only chose to highlight the violence of the protestors and not the land grab by Malik Riaz)
3) Urdu Media Racism ( Sindhi youth feel strongly about racist depictions in mainstream Urdu Media)
4) Karachi politics ( Sindhi youth feel strongly about voices coming from Karachi demanding a separate province)
5) No visible mainstream representation in the national media, sports teams.
6) Unease about demographic change in Sindh ( previously limited to Urdu Speakers but now increasingly hostile to Pushtun presence in Sindh).
7) Water Shortage ( Many believe Punjab is stealing water from them)

Some of the people who have these concerns believe solving these issues within the federation of Pakistan. However, a Sindhudesh idea, as prepostorous and impractical as it may sound, is also gaining traction.

A lot of these concerns can be dismissed as they lay in falsehoods. Demographic change in a multi-ethnic country like Pakistan is a given especially in the 21st century. However, we need to engage them on other issues to bridge the divide.

a) provide a mainstream alternative to PPP ( Due to its corruption and misgovernance, PPP can longer provide a buffer against Sindhi separatism)

b) Bridge rural/urban divide ( Urdu speakers need to join their voices with educated Sindhis and own Sindh.....expressions of hate against Sindh and Sindhi people will not help any community).

c) Solve water issues ( the only long-term solution is the provision of desalination plants for communities in the Sindh delta).

d) Take a stand against reported forced conversions ( Sindhi youth are more progressive as compared to other ethnic groups when it comes to religious liberties hence a stand by the state of Pakistan against this practise will earn us their trust and goodwill).

In terms of numbers, Sindhis are the third largest ethnic group and not sure we can afford another disaffected group. We have to tackle these issues before they blow up in our face and before they become too complicated.

Other ideas are welcome on this thread.
Cut their water off.


Mar 21, 2008
It is sad to see the hatred all ethnic groups have for each other.

Also, population of Sindh is 60 million, current budget is 1477 billion, that is around 24616 PKR per person. Punjab's budget is 2653 billion, population is 110 million, that is about 24118 PKR per person.

I would say that its pretty clear that no "theft" of funds is taking place by Punjab. The issue is PPP, its corrupt practices, and its mantra of Punjab takes it all and Karachi eats it all to hide its horrible governance.

This is what gives rise to nationalist sentiments among Sindhis; an incorrect opinion, propagated by the ruling party to hide its incompetence.

What are the issues faced by Sindhis?

1. land grabbing by bahria? same is being done in Pindi and Islamabad, the capital, and that too by DHA and other property tycoons.

2. No schools or education opportunities? its a provincial matter since 2008, and it has been proven above that Sindh is getting roughly equal to what Punjab is getting, per capita, so the responsibility of lack of progress lies on Sindh govt, not on Punjabis, Faujis, Muhajirs etc.

3. Lack of employment opportunities? read the latter part of point 2.

4. Underdeveloped areas? again read the latter part of point 2.

5. Jobs in federal govt and military? clear ISSB/CSS and you are good to go.

6. and about changing demographics, Sindhis are free to buy properties and invest in all areas of Pakistan (except maybe Kashmir), and so are Punjabis, Pashtuns, Muhajirs, Balochis. If the issue is that Pashtuns are settling in Sindh, then Sindhis can go and settle in KPK.

The only issue here playing the victim card everytime for anything that doesnt go according to ones wishes. This is what all ethnic parties do in Pakistan: MQM, PTM, ANP, PPP(even though it claims to be a national party, it likes to play Sindh card a lot to hide its corruption) and Sindhi nationalist parties.

Muhajirs can settle anywhere, get govt jobs if they clear CSS/ISSB, no need to cry about it.
So can Pashtuns.
So can Sindhis.
And so can Balochis.
He no longer has any credibility in Sindh or amongst Sindhis. I was once a big supporter. I believed in his cause and thought he would be a great alternative to all the scums in and outside of Sindh. But today I and other Sindhis like me who were willing to support him do not view him with friendliness.
Why exactly? PTI doesnt rule in Sindh. PPP does. who are you going to vote for in upcoming elections? let me guess.... PPP?
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