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How to Be a Registered Member?


May 3, 2009
Have you been browsing Pakistan Defence forum and have made a decision to join us as a registered member but don't know what to do?

Here is a step by step process to help you:

1: Click Here to access the registration page.

2: Fill in your credentials:

i: Use a unique username
  • Forum recommends that you maintain anonymity, however, it is not a requirement for successfully gaining the forum membership. You may register the account using your own name, display image, contact information etc, as per your own prerogative.
ii: Select a strong password you can remember
iii: We recommend that you link a reputed email provider or your business email address with your ID. That will increase the chances of your membership being approved.


3: Answer the security question and click "SIGN UP"

i: Check your email for confirmation
ii: Wait for the Forum to Approve your Membership
iii: Introduce yourself in the Member's Introduction Section


  • Should you face a problem, you must contact the moderation team who are tagged 'Red'. Here is a list of our Staff Members, who'd be glad to help you.

  • If you are still not convinced, you can raise your issue before the Administrators and Senior Moderators in the General HQ section.

  • If you wish to read this information offline, you can Download a PDF copy from the attachments below.
Thank You.

Pakistan Defence Administration


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