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How the US got defeated in the ''War on Terror'' in Afghanistan and other places


Mar 1, 2019
this nearly 20 years conflict is the longest in US history and Some conflicts are eternal once you get in and this is the same thing that happened to the soviet union it collapse due to the same reasons and same location but this time with larger territories expanding to more irrelevant locations such as in deserts and remote areas outside of human civilizations in the sub-saharan places where there is no villages or the jungles of East Africa to south and central.

The war on terror is not exactly a cheap war and the most expensive in human history and it's basically a war against ''ghost armies'' Someone whos entirely not there and nonexisting none-state actors who have nothing to lose. They keep popping from different directions and it is very exhausting and time consuming especially when you throw alot of money on it and try to contain it but flares up in more places. This is why the US power has waned alot recently and have adopted none intervention policy and it didn't have any interest of intervening in Libya, Nagorno etc etc. They are basically withdrawing and would like to find a solution to end this ever-lasting war and negotiating with Taliban to end the war once and for all. The US wasted nearly 20-trillion USD on this unnecessary struggle.

For the first time they are doing the right thing which is to exit this war and strengthen their economy.

Due to this reasons new powers emerged and it benefited countries such as China, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, and specifically China it made the most out of this period of US power waning.

The US over stretched themselves fighting ghost armies in the deserts of Mali and places like that in the northern sub-saharan territories and in places like Somalia etc etc remote areas pop ups that have also cost them fortunes.

The people in the areas where they rise from can contain them but they got tricked into it. Example Rodrigo Duterte tried to pull on them the biggest pick pocketing of the century claiming that he had issues in mindanao and he put in the army and the reports were saying they had a stand-off with 200 teenagers for almost 6 months. This was obviously a trick because Duterte wanted International medias to get in there and get the Americans to approve weapons sell to him and economical aid and in some cases it even seemed as if he put some of his own soldiers on the other side to make this come off like a real stand-off. the length of the stand-off was comical.

they go everywhere they pop-up and honestly it's not feasible wasting 20-trillion USD fighting a ''Ghost Army'' that doesn't exist and in that I mean they have no state or anywhere and just spontaneously pop-up and for them this is not war but way of life and the Americans are providing them that way of life and it is a ritual they seek and this is like a commericial consumption for them and it is a huge market of itself. If the Americans stopped giving them a fight they will find someone else in other arena's. This is why it is an eternal war it could technically continue for them hundred's of years if they had the stamina because the consumers would always be there.

But for the first time they realize this and trying to exit this madness and attempt to strength their economies and rebuild the military because they are losing out on the race of world supremacy to China and other rising countries which is consider much more important then fighting obviously ghost armies at a very high cost. This is what Trump admin realized mid way his reign and he changed course towards the real threat for WORLD supremacy CHINA. We had trade war and alot of things follow but it was sort of to late at that stage but still time for them to prepare for an eventual showdown in China South sea and other places such as Taiwan but honestly I don't think they will be on the offensive but rather on the defensive this time around waiting to see China make it's moves and they don't like China replacing them on the world stage but it is becoming more and more a reality each day
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