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How Saudi Arabia could utilise BAE Hawk aircraft in conflict.

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    In case of a conflict where Saudi Arabia has a need for air defense Hawk aircraft can be used in a pair with another aircraft from the RSAF that has a capable radar acting in part as an AWACS. The British were going to do the same in conflict while using the F-4 as AWACS and the best trained Hawk operators such as the aerobatic team using AIM-9 sidewinders. Again, this is just something I think they could do if they need to have air defense. The same could be done with the B-250 Bader or any light trainer/COIN aircraft that is capable of carrying Air-to-Air missiles.
    Excerpt from Wikipedia about RAF using the BAE Hawk, the RAF planned to use pairs of gun- and AIM-9 Sidewinder-armed Hawk trainers in the point defence role. Each pair of Hawks was to be teamed with a Phantom FGR.2, in effect using the Phantoms as an Airborne Early Warning and Control system. Although never tested it was believed that the Hawk, combined with AIM-9L and flown by some of the best pilots in the RAF including those from the Red Arrows, would have made a viable air defence fighter.
    BAE Hawk equipped with AIM-9 sidewinder.
    A-29 Tucano with 2 AIM-9 Sidewinders.
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