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How Pakistani-Americans are entering interfaith and interracial marriages — and making them work

Discussion in 'Social & Current Events' started by Devil Soul, May 21, 2017.

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    I am neither being deceptive or deceitful..n how can I talk about only u..when the problem is concerned with particularly gender and more importantly relationships

    So..it's the weakest assumption ever put forward.where 1 party has self proclaimed righteous...You have assumed that liberals are always right and conservative are always wrong..and they can't define social fabric.

    The point you raised that people will cheat always..again very weak logic...look to eradicate every crime/bad social thing..you need to do 2 things
    1. Minimize it by removing all it's causes(all the steps which islam says)
    2. Enforce a severe punishment(again islam has told about those punishments)
    But the problem with you liberals is..u don't wanna follow anyone of the..u r simple ok with some evil to prevail but not willing to make an effort to stop it...it's like millions of people use drugs so it should be legalized no matter what people aren't gonna stop it

    And your last point with fahash living life...look at what cost they are living,..u may seem that they have achieved so much in materialistic terms...but they have totally ignored other parameters...the result is increasing number of psychopaths ..people with depression and ultimately alarming number in suicide cases...So if everything is good actually best in that world..why these new problems have been created..what are the causes???
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    I have mixed children in the Uk one off a bengalan one off a st Kitts woman .
    There both messed up and I've disowned both of them for there dirty lifestyle .

    I have two others from Pakistani wife good as gold and shareef.

    Mixed race are mixed race they don't belong to either party full way .
    Apne are Apne at the end of the day and outsider is outsider .
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    There's nothing wrong with marrying out.

    Exactly! What's the sense of preserving anything especially in this day and age of globalism?

    What's funny about these people who make noise about "behaya mahaul" are the same ones who will immigrate to the West.

    Yet they do not want their own countries to become westernized. Hypocrites.