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How LETHAL is PAF J-10C Vigorous Dragon? The Game Changer for Pakistan Air Force...by Sqn Ldr (R) Fahad Masood, a former PAF mirage specialist.


Oct 29, 2022
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Please take this POLITICAL DRAMA elsewhere. You clearly have NO real experience with economy or how to grow it, or, understanding of the fact that "we are NOT doomed"!! It's a rough path that will start to stabilize in the next 3-4 months. The proposal on growing aviation industry with J-10 will also help grow the economy whenever that would take place!

I am not here to teach your politically corrupt mind "economy". It seems you people are moving off from insulting the Army and now the new topic is "we are doomed"? Let's keep your politically motivated posts to some political thread. If you can't comprehend the topic don't respond to my posts and derail the thread.

There was nothing "political" in my post. That you are accusing me of political drama, political corrupt and what not. I am just stating the facts. You do have more payments to make and you have not enough cash for it. That's why you are talking with IMF to give you loans. That's why want KSA to bail you out once again. Without additional loans we are clearly short on import bill.

No need to become angry, listening to reality. My point was that we as a nation needs to learn that we have to do expenditures according to our limitations. Secondly, we collectively as a nation needs to put our entire focus on economy. For billion dollar military projects, people can suggest so many things but its not practical when treasury is empty or rather in negative in essence.

So let's focus what we have. Make military tactics / planning on whatever military gear we already have. You got to understand we already acquired lot more then we should have had. We neglected education, investments in critical sectors and basically ignored 22 crores lives and diverted funds to military. BTW! we got pretty strong air force. We have come a very long way if you compare it with last 2 decades. Similarly for navy. So cherish what we already got and discuss those and tactics around those. Always adding more in wishlist when every day things are getting worse economically doesn't really sounds well. I am spending time and doing sincere effort to help you understand thats what really more important for us as a nation. I hope you get my point.

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