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Featured Hindu American body opposes joint production of drones by Pakistan, Turkey and Russia



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Jun 11, 2021

Now let's get your GDP per capita and HDI levels back up to our level (which is 3rd world $hit level by the way), and while at it - teach the 2/3rds of Indians on how to use toilets. You have your work cut out for you. China dur aust...

Basics first - Sir!!
this is exactly my point....every time someone points out the chinks in the armour they respond with such juvenile responses on toilets and stuff. no issues..only shows the lack of any cogent counter-argument to what i said. as if people in Bangladesh are shitting on golden toilets. India has several challenges indeed, but insulting us has never worked, and never could stop us either. the figure of sanitation coverage that was around 30% in 2014 is even by conservative estimates more than 90% and now the mission is to provide piped drinking water to all households...

and please stop celebrating your per capita GDP or HDI...you are no match to us. the real metric that counts is that of PPP terms. a small nation like Bangladesh, you have a far easier task than dealing with a population of a billion. there are smaller countries in Europe which have higher per capita GDP and HDI rankings than even China...doesn't mean China is a weaker nation than theirs. and this jubilation over higher GDP than India per capita...you geniuses dont even realise how screwed you are. your only USP is the cheap labour that too you could use because of regimes like GSP that allowed your exports with less duty in EU...which is going to be history in 2027...and your exports are not the high end technical textiles, or MMF but rather RMGs which are low cost, and not because of some brilliant tech innovation but cheaper labour...which is not so cheap anymore. plus you were a major transit for unbranded Chinese electronics. even that market is going to close in India and if china keeps up its antics...in the west too! so basically your labour is costly, you dont have the tech of the finances to combat climate change no your own. so basically, your economy is standing on just one-leg...a one-trick pony...and the day the exports dry up, you will not have the domestic demand to absorb that capacity either...and you will witness this happening in years to come!

i bet you people will still try and insult us as dirty Indians without toilets, the day our astronauts return safely from space in 2022...! eagerly waiting for further juvenile comebacks! you are welcome for the vaccines though!


Dec 26, 2005
United States
Can you believe this shit? It is very important for Pakistan and Turkey to start cooperating vigorously from trade to defence.


Young pakistani men whimpering---.

Son---Should have taken charge of Yemen war---. With 150 K military established in 3 regions of the gulf---life would have been different for pakistan.


Sep 19, 2018
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It’s actually a scary moment for the West for China is breaking their monopoly on the supply chain for the semiconductors, fundamental chemicals, high precision machinery, seeds for the staple food grains, advanced industrial products etc.!! Couple it with alternative sources for financing, investment, trades etc.!!! Now, you’re striking terror into the hearts of the White men!! They fought world wars to allay that fear…..

The rise of China means the end of the sanctions regimes from the West on the non-Western countries….
China is the only hope for the non white non western world. If China falls, white Jewish supremacy will reign for at least another 300 years. That’s why the Muslims who believe zionist lies about China are dumber than dirt. China is the only hope for the Non western world to have a source of technology, materials and resources to break their dependency on the west.

Meanwhile, about this topic.Indian Americans are desperately wanting to follow the example of the Jews in influencing the US govt to serve their own interests. They are allying themselves with the Jews and inserting their own into key positions always.


Oct 26, 2009
United Arab Emirates
Its cool how Indian Foreign diplomacy work. They both accept and deny something at the same time.
i.e such bodies ngos pressure groups lobbyists etc can speak all they can against a matter A that world will read and listen. meamwhile there government will silently negate that they have nothing to do with it when confronted by affected government or body. Anyone else notice.
They can bash Saudia Turkry and Iran by some ABC bodies at the same time as they claim being friends of them officially.


Sep 8, 2021
I hope that the malice in the comments is driven solely by the need to spite Indians and not by ignorance. While I am not one to blow my own trumpet, dismissing Indians' technology achievements simply as cheap labour is detrimental to your own understanding in the long run. It is akin to stupid Indian jokes about 'Chinese is cheap and unreliable', when the truth is there for the world to see.

It is also naive to constantly link American Hindu organizations with IT workers. Most IT workers, whether Indian or Pakistani, can't be bothered with politics. They are busy enjoying their American dream which means indulging in all those things that they saw Americans doing in Hollywood movies as kids. These Hindu organizations are no different than many lobbies that have existed for decades. Lobbying was neither invented by Indians nor are they its sole beneficiaries.

Also, there is no connection to the nature of the industry in which you are working and subservience. If indeed there is, you are opening up a very interesting research subject and I would like to see some evidence. Maybe IK can endow a scholarship in one of the Pakistani universities. Lakhs of south Asians are working as real coolies in Middle East and they would love some upward mobility towards being an IT coolie. If anything, subservience exists in Military employment where you are required to blindly obey orders and there is huge penalty for insubordination.
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