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High ranking serving military officer demands COAS General Bajwa's resignation: Major Adil (retired)


Aug 18, 2014
I have peeled this onion back many times over.

What sudden "corruption" are you taking about now? The one where the army decided to remove the crutches from PTI and IK and let them try to float on their own? I was never a PTI member but I supported IK over these other clowns. But I also realized that IK on his own was not clever enough nor able enough to manage running Pakistan. The mismanagement on the foreign policy, Punjab, the complete collapse of the economy immediately after his government left are clear, glaring indications of where and how his missteps were hurting Pakistan. Just saying that one is honest does not mean that they can run Pakistan competently. IK was clearly out of his depth. I am not saying SS et-al know what they are doing. But in all of this, I trust the establishment to safeguard Pakistan's interests. They have done what they do, there is already mending going on. The recent trips to China, KSA, reach out to the US are all part of the clean up that is being done. The generals are you, me and I. Not some implants placed by the Americans or Nawaz Sharif himself so why this sudden umbrage and accusations of "corruption" against them now?

IK and PTI have done a significant amount of damage to Pakistan's FP and even the economy. What we are seeing now is the classic case of establishment doing damage control because the f***-up by the IK/PTI enterprise will require some years of cleaning up. I had the opportunity to do some travel and engage with quite a few people in the know outside of Pakistan in the past couple of months and it has been pretty mind-boggling to get an appreciation of what Pakistan is faced with currently from FATF to economy to relations with the China, our Arab brethren (many of whom are simply pissed off with IK) and the US. When I hear this talk of "the SS government is taking Pakistan away from Chinese camp", it makes me laugh because the reality on the ground is quite different.

This last part, many more here won't like me stating it, but I have to.
PTI supporters have a very skewed view, manufactured and stuffed down their noses and throats by the PTI SM machinery. They don't even get a chance to take a step back from the fray and realize what all has happened on PTI government's watch. They are kept busy in this us vs. them barrage of propaganda where every other Pakistani who does not side with them is a traitor, thief, corrupt chor as if they have direct wahi/ilham from Allah on the rest of Pakistan. It is the same God-complex of IK now being lived out vicariously through his PTI supporters and multiplied. Just like IK claims "I know the west better than everyone else" when in reality he has no clue, its the same self-righteous nonsense that blocks any objective critique of the situation on hand.

What is needed is a dispassionate analysis and of all the entities, I have the most confidence in the establishment to do so. They look at things factually and make adjustments. Our emotionally charged political landscape is incapable of doing so and currently is completely paralyzed in the ongoing tussle between IK and others.

Thus my friend I trust the establishment more than any other entity in Pakistan.
Which collapse are you referring too? Every economic indicator showed economy was doing great under Khan. Punjab mismanagement would have caused khan future vote, why did establishment save him from that? Your analysis refuses to accept or take into account the mismanagement done by establishment.

I am not here to change your mind nor I support Khan blindly but I will take Khan over PDM and establishment. If establishment was sincere to Pakistan, mushraf would have strengthen institutions.

Let the people of Pakistan decide who they want to lead them.


Jan 19, 2006
The debate has reached page 14 but all the posters from all the sides seem to be missing on major factor in this whole fiasco n ie

Every time the establishment has done regime change starting from sikander mirza to the present. They have always had the opinion of the people of Pakistan on their side. So every time a sitting govt. Is removed people come out distribute sweets, pat each other on their backs n go home n life goes on. This happened again n again n again.
Even when they removed zab, they first made sure to break zab popularity, first with the mrd movement that bought all the political forces under its banner n then they were able to imprision bhutto n hence bhutto was not able to mobilize the public support that he needed n finally was hanged. Some die hard supporters did come out to protest but not in the nos. To make a difference. While the rest celebrated.
They tried the same formula here against IK as they launched their whole plan when IK popularity was veining, but this time two things went against the script which the powers that be did not take into acc. 1. IK fought back with the support of the masses 2. The eco. Tanked.....by the time it all came into effect, IK unlike bhutto had gotten hold of the sipher n used it to full effect n was able to mobilize the public opinion in his favour. As any one anti u.s sells n here was a man directly challenging the u.s. The people had forgotten it all n are 100 % behind IK now.

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