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Feb 6, 2013
30th August Victory Day

My fellow countrymen,

Happy Victory Day!

Zafer Bayramımız kutlu olsun!

In addition, today is also the Armed Forces Day, not much known by public. Today at 1922, the Battle of Dumlupınar was won and it was the final battle of the War of Independence. At 1923, the democratic secular Republic of Turkey was founded under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. an Army Officer, a Marshall, a Veteran, a Stateman, a President and the Father of every Turk.

In honor of our fallen and in memory of our veterans;

We thank you all those served in service of our homeland, from deserts of Afghanistan and Cyprus, Korea to Southeastern Borderline.

Remember! Right now as you read this text:

the warships;

TCG Poyraz at the opens of Lebanon,

TCG Erdek at the opens of Alicante/Spain,

TCG Kemalreis at the opens of Western Atlantic Ocean, North America,

TCG Gökova at the Gulf of Aden in Indian Ocean,

the troops;

Turkish Forces deployed in Kabul, Jawzjan and Wardak provinces of Afghanistan,

Turkish troops deployed in Prizren/Kosovo,

Turkish troops deployed in Sarajevo/Bosnia-Herzegovina,

Turkish troops deployed in Lebanon,


6x F-16C/D fighter jets monitoring inside Iraq,

Are proudly hoisting the Turkish Flag on their deck, on their shoulder, on their helicopters, on their vehicles, on their tails right now as we speak, All over the World 7/24.

No matter the current regime, whoever you have voted for, we are in a harsh time that we have to take good care of our Armed Forces personnel. We've suffered it's pain before a couple years ago. We shall never forget our fallen. Remember, without a witness they just dissappear.

Before ending my celebration message, I want to share you the best moment of my life;

At 29th October 2012, during the Republic Day Parades,

We were tasked to perform a ceremonial march at Vatan Street in Istanbul during the parade. From the moment we heard that to the transportation to Istanbul; we were not wanting it at all. Because we were just dismissed from S-TAE (BMT) class and others from Yanasik Düzen Eğitimi (Close Formations Training), pretty tired shitless I mean. and having all the uniform, helmet and the rifle; moving miles on a street..moving in conjuction with the Naval Band. I thought I was "unlucky".

When the Republic Day arrived, we dressed up, checked each other's neck, helmet position and that weird thing you put on your boots at ceremonies. Commander of the Cadet Regiment called us before the departure. Colonel said: "the Youth of the Navy of the Republic, don't screw up, do it how a Turkish sailor is supposed to do. Kuleli'deki ademlere gösterin bi görsünler yürüyüş nasil yapılırmış."

Sorry, I dont know how to translate the slang we used for army cadets, so the last was in Turkish.

We started marching. There were people, all over. The street was full of old and young people crowded by little children as well. Red and White buckets everywhere. For one second, my brain stopped thinking. All those people smiling at you when you march at Vatan Caddesi (Homeland Street). Carrying a US-made M1 Garand ceremonial rifle at your shoulder where there's the Turkish Flag tailored on your white uniform. It was not a day to feel "badass". It was a good day to say Ne Mutlu Türk'üm Diyene!

Zafer Bayramınız kutlu olsun.

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Jul 15, 2012
Zafer bayraminiz kutlu olsun millet:toast_sign:

It was an important day and a the turning around of the course of history. Probably we wouldn't have any military industry today if it wasn't for Ataturk and his friends.



Feb 9, 2014
South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands
Turks And Caicos Islands
In commemoration of our brave soldiers defended this homeland till the last drop of blood, our glorious women took action in independence war,of our poeple who served at war till their last pennies,last piece of bread, last effort, and all soldiers who defended our homeland till now,and defending at the moment.

Bütün kardeşlerimin zafer bayramı kutlu olsun.

Quotation from Mehmet Akif Ersoy ; author of Istiklal marşı

" Sahipsiz vatanin batması haktır ,
Sen sahip çıkarsan bu vatan batmayacaktır."

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