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Hamdard India head on why Rooh Afza is an Indian drink: ‘It is older than Pakistan and Bangladesh’


Mar 20, 2022
Taiwan, Province Of China
For better or worse, Rooh Afza coming to me in a couple of days or so.
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🤔Dunno if after one sip I be pouring that down the drain if I find that ghastly.

Maybe to retain peace here, I should keep quiet if I do that to avoid making more waves than I should. :pleasantry:

Now checking my astrological symbols if stars in right quadrant before I do an expedition to Mustaffa to hunt for that Shezan Mango:enjoy:

I got that Rooh Afza.
I tried a bit of that very much diluted with water and interesting taste.

For better control on my D2, I read this advice to drink 15 grams of protein, whey protein 15 minutes before meals as apparently that protein slow the transmutation of carbo in meal to sugar.

I been using unflavoured whey protein as others eg chocolate vanila etc etc too sweet for me regardless if sugar free.
I prepared 45 grams in protein shaker , good for 3 drinks before meals.

Why greenish was that I added moringa powder and matcha tea to that combo.

With that Rooh Afza, I add 12 grams of that and the drink was perfect

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