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HAL to give more work to local firms

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    HAL to give more work to local firms | idrw.org

    In a bid to increase outsourcing of its work to local industry, the aircraft manufacturerHindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), which mainly makes combat aircraft of the MiG series and Sukhoi 30 MKI for the Indian Air Force, wants industries in Nashik to manufacture aircraft components.

    HAL manufactures defence aircraft at its Ozhar plant, near Nashik. The defence aircraft, which are manufactured here, include Su-30 MKI (twin-seater, multi-role, long range fighter / bomber / air superiority aircraft), MiG-27 M (single-seater tactical fighter / bomber with variable sweep wings), MiG-21 variants (single-seater frontline tactical interceptor / fighter aircraft).

    Presently, HAL is outsourcing aircraft components to industries from Bangalore and Hyderabad, while Nashik industries contribute on a minor scale. In Nashik, HAL is outsourcing components to around 50 to 60 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) amounting to around Rs 70 crore, which is very less compared to the components the aircraft maker does to industries based in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

    “Nashik has witnessed a substantial industrial growth in the past few years. The small and medium industries from Nashik are manufacturing quality products and getting good business opportunities. Hence, HAL had shown interest in outsourcing aircraft components to companies in Nashik for the last three years, but it was at very low scale,” said P S Roy, HAL general manager (aircraft manufacturing division), said at the inaugural session of the four-day industrial exhibition NIMA Index: 2012 here on Friday.

    “Presently, we are outsourcing aircraft components from Bangalore and Hyderabad, which is logistically not feasible. Considering this fact, we are planning to outsource maximum components to Nashik industries. We already have large number of works which will be done by Nashik industries,” Roy said.

    Nashik Industries and Manufacturers’ Association (NIMA) president Dhananjay Bele said currently the local industries are getting only a very small portion of the outsourcing pie.

    “We are making efforts to get more outsourcing work to at least 500 small and medium enterprises in Nashik with the value amounting to Rs 250 crore. The business deals with HAL are expected during the ongoing industrial exhibition,” he said.
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