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Gujarat’s good show in urban projects puts UPA in a spot


Oct 26, 2010
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NEW DELHI: Gujarat's high rating in urban infrastructure development projects under the Centre's flagship JNNURM scheme seems to have become a new headache for the government at a time when UPA-2 would like to highlight its achievements before the next national polls.

So far, a majority of models suggested by the Union urban development (UD) ministry to state governments are from Gujarat, whether it's self-financing of a road project or intelligent traffic system for safe public transport.

While another 'best model' in public transport system has become a reality in BJP-ruled Karnataka, only one Congress-ruled state has followed suit — Rajasthan with 'Alwar Vahini'.

In recent months, the UD ministry has issued four circulars on successful transport models which it recommended to state governments to adopt/emulate. The latest one was the Centre pushing the Surat model of developing an outer ring road without any government investment. Under this model, the project would generate about Rs 11,960 crore over five years against an investment of Rs 5,796 crore.

Earlier, the ministry had asked the states to follow the G-Auto model of Ahmedabad where a cluster of auto rickshaws is managed through a common control room. The advisory for states had come after the Nirbhaya gang rape incident. "There is no doubt that Gujarat has the best performance when it comes to urban infrastructure development and this cannot be ignored by anyone. So, there is nothing wrong if the Centre has asked others to learn and set such examples," said a ministry official.

However, for the Congress-led UPA, this is a sour pill to swallow and allow Narendra Modi's government to take the credit of successfully demonstrating best models of urban development.

In fact, now with the Cabinet allowing the UD ministry to sanction new projects and capacity building of cities and municipal bodies till March 2014 totaling an investment of Rs 15,000 crore, the ministry is likely to take a decision on the criteria of sanctioning projects — success rate or population.

On January 31, the ministry issued an office memorandum stating that projects to be sanctioned are under the sub-mission of JNNURM relating to Urban Infrastructure and Governance (UIG) and Urban Infrastructure Development for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT).

This should bring some relief to the UPA. The latest data on completion of UIG and UIDSSMT till December end publicized by the ministry shows that Arunachal Pradesh had 75% completion in both the categories, which is the highest. AIADMK-ruled Tamil Nadu ranked second with 68% completion and Andhra Pradesh came third with 57%. Gujarat ranked fourth in this category with 54% of projects getting completed.


Congress is not just screwing the center but almost all the states where they have their govt :sick:


Dec 19, 2009
Well Rahul baba says " Hum is system ko badal ke rakh denge". the same system which his family has nurtured for 60 years now.

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