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Guarding the sky


Feb 4, 2014
United States
I’m a doctor, not a fighter pilot, so take all this with copious grains of salt.

However, according to my understanding, energy management is key in WVR engagement.

The Cobra maneuver specifically kills energy.

Essentially making the fighter a sitting duck in almost all scenarios.

As for TVC and canards, that’s another story.

Canards have been used since the 60’s in the Viggen to confer superior short field performance.

The utility of TVC, I’m not sure about.

Going by the USAF, the F-22 has it but the later F-35 does not.

Not sure what to say there.

And in 2019 BVR has likely matured to where its nearly essential for an air arm to have competence in this realm.
Well these are all valid points and certainly agreed on the BVR capability opinion. If any 3.5+ Gen. fighter does not have BVR track and kill (more in number of targets the better) then that platform is dead at the outset.

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