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Govt Planning to Launch ‘Naya Mazdoor’ Initiative for the Working Class


Mar 5, 2017
Govt Planning to Launch ‘Naya Mazdoor’ Initiative for the Working Class

Posted 52 mins ago by Darakhshan Anjum

The federal government will review an ‘Employment Generation and Empowerment’ framework comprising the ‘Naya Mazdoor’ initiative for the working class.

The dynamic framework will provide an all-encompassing solution for six key areas of workforce development in Pakistan – development, employment, empowerment, welfare, reforms, and the implementation of labour laws.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has also shown interest in the initiative for future collaborations.

Pakistan ranks eighth on the list of countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery, and 134th with a total score of 56.17 on the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals Index. The framework will help Pakistan in achieving nine of the 17 goals.

The government had previously announced a job creation target of 10 million but Pakistan has the potential to surpass this by making sustainable investments in workforce development along with smart data analysis.

The federal and provincial governments will collaborate to utilize the full potential of Pakistan’s workforce to boost economic activity, increase remittances, and attract investments.

According to the proposed plan, local and international firms will be allowed to establish operations in Pakistan with readily-available and skilled manpower.

Digital disruptions and transformation will be used as stimuli to create a system to connect various government bodies to the workforce and enhance e-governance in the country.

Naya Mazdoor will include skill mapping, geo-mapping, up-skilling for domestic and international employment, data mining to boost employment generation, prevention of tax evasion to boost revenue, technical skills training, and the development of labour-related institutions across Pakistan.


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