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Govt considers giving category-I plots to MPs


Mar 21, 2007
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Govt considers giving category-I plots to MPs​

Until now, grade 22 officers are eligible for these plots

Haseeb Hanif
September 29, 2022


ISLAMABAD: The federal government is mulling over introducing a parliamentary quota for the allotment of category-I plots to the members of parliament in the government housing schemes.

Under the government housing scheme of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA), plots will be allotted to lawmakers under the parliamentary quota.

Under the parliamentary quota, an MP will be allotted a category-I plot once in a lifetime. However, no family member of the lawmaker who has benefitted from the parliamentary quota will be able to acquire plot in any scheme of the FGEHA.

The FGEHA board through the CDA has sought a draft summary for the scheme related to the provision of residential plots on the allotted land for MPs. The draft will discuss the criteria for the allotment of residential plot according to the law and will be sent to the cabinet.

The board has directed the authorities concerned to formulate a scheme for the parliamentarians on the pattern of housing authority’s Park Road Scheme which was implemented in partnership with the Supreme Court Bar Association.

It should be noted that the FGEHFA is an organisation under the Ministry of Housing and Construction whose job is to develop residential schemes and provide plots for the federal government employees.

Earlier, the issue of allotment of plots to MPs was discussed in various parliamentary committees, on the basis of which now meetings are being formally convened for the allotment of category-I plots to the parliamentarians.

Until now, grade 22 officers are eligible for category-I plots.


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