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Government to spend $37.5bn on delta plan by 2031


Dec 31, 2010
Government to spend $37.5bn on delta plan by 2031
Mamun Abdullah
  • Published at 10:31 pm March 7th, 2019

The National Economic Council (NEC) approved the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 on September 4, 2018 Focus Bangla

Senior Secretary of Ministry of Planning Prof Dr Shamsul Alam made announcement on Thursday

Senior Secretary of Ministry of Planning Prof Dr Shamsul Alam yesterday said the government will spend $37billion by 2031 to ensure food and water security and fight disasters as a part of implementing the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.

He made the suggestion while delivering the keynote presentation titled "Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100: Implementation Challenges" at a seminar, held by the International Business Forum of Bangladesh (IBFB) at IBFB Conference Hall in Dhaka.

He said: “Our goals are to ensure safety from floods and climate change related disasters, water security and efficiency of water usage, sustainable and integrated river systems and estuary management, conserve and preserve wetlands, develop effective institutions and equitable governance for in-country and trans-boundary management, and achieve optimal use of land and water resources.”

He also discussed the concepts, drivers, and components of the plan in respect to water, food, economic growth, and climate change.

"If we fail to properly implement the delta plan, it will then be impossible to sustain development, ” Shamsul added.

He also elaborated how they conducted a baseline study and how survey results have been merged with the existing study on the delta plan.

Shamsul informed that the country is expected to add 1.5 percentage points to the annual growth of Bangladesh’s economy by 2030, and extreme poverty will be zero by 2040 under this project.”

The seminar was followed by a brief question and answer session with various sector experts.

Among others, IBFB President Humayun Rashid, Centre for Urban Studies Chairman Prof Nazrul Islam, Prof Bazlul Khandokar from the economics department at Dhaka University, Prof Md Salim Uddin of Chittagong University, and National River Protection Commission member Dr Malik Fida A Khan were also present at the seminar.


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