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Featured Government Employees working as Journalists in Sindh.

The Eagle

Oct 15, 2015
Investigation found that following Government Servants have been working as Journalists in various departments. Some times we often think about the leaks and how things are compromised. Beside the secrecy, such act falls under corruption and dishonesty to the department itself. We can understand the so much anger & reaction by the corrupt leeches in bureaucracy against accountability on any level. One can understand that how the system has been sabotaged and utilized for the sack of personal gains & serving agenda of any political party.

In other words, these are mostly journalists being appointed in various departments as Government Servants like a favour so that the media can be utilized for one's agenda by twisting or manipulating or even hiding the facts on the ground. We often ask ourselves that despite the evidences & our experiences about the level of corruption being done, there is no mention or even coverage about corrupt practices. This is how people are hired on tax payers money for political campaigns & covering the corruption. These people have been paid from Government Treasury merely to serve the political leaders whom appointed them. Since, that cost a lot for a party to do so, they found the vulnerable & weak system to such as much as they could from Government for their personal gains.

However, it may be just a bit that one can found and share and given the level of loot & plunder, you can imagine that how these disloyal & dishonest leaderships have been rooting for their power greed on the cost of Pakistan. These low time journalists & propaganda mouthpieces for local campaigns were hired so that the feudal lords can continue their rule by keeping the masses in dark.

Interestingly, you will find most of these department being discussed less but in-fact their poor working is one of the top reasons of today's conditions where health, agriculture & education is near destroyed. Since, their is a lot of money to loot & these are the basics of strong future; enemy opted for a strategy to destroy the core with the help of corrupt leaderships. These could be the most beloved departments being highlighted less but an opportunity to loot as much as one can. We have seen that a lot of progress has been made in regards to development and advancement in these department but that is all on paper merely to draw the money whereby there is less to nothing being done on the ground.

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