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Global Food Security Index 2019


Oct 8, 2018
Global Food Security Index 2019

December 2019




Global ranking / Country / Overall score / Affordibility / Availability / Quality & Safety

1st Singapore 87.4 2nd 2nd 25th
2nd Ireland 84.0 3rd 11th 7th
3rd United States 83.7 6th 8th 4th
4th Switzerland 83.1 =17th 1st 27th
=5th Finland 82.9 16th =6th 1st
=5th Norway 82.9 =26th 3rd 2nd
7th Sweden 82.7 12th 9th 3rd
8th Canada 82.4 20th 4th 10th
9th Netherlands 82.0 9th =12th 5th
10th Austria 81.7 =10th =6th 17th

11th Germany 81.5 13th 5th 21st
12th Australia 81.4 7th 10th 20th
13th Qatar 81.2 1st 38th 13th
14th Denmark 81.0 =10th =15th 8th
15th Belgium 80.7 15th =12th 15th
16th France 80.4 =17th =15th 9th
17th United Kingdom 79.1 19th 17th 18th
18th Israel 79.0 21st 18th 16th
19th New Zealand 78.8 14th 14th =35th
20th Portugal 77.8 29th 22nd 6th

=21st Japan 76.5 24th 21st 28th
=21st United Arab Emirates 76.5 4th 39th 26th
23rd Italy 75.8 23rd 25th 22nd
24th Poland 75.6 30th 24th =23rd
=25th Chile 75.5 32nd 19th 33rd
=25th Spain 75.5 25th 31st 12th
27th Kuwait 74.8 5th =43rd 29th
28th Malaysia 73.8 28th 26th 42nd
29th South Korea 73.6 45th 20th 32nd
30th Saudi Arabia 73.5 8th 46th =35th

31st Greece 73.4 =39th 33rd 11th
32nd Czech Republic 73.1 22nd 29th 46th
33rd Uruguay 72.8 =34th 28th 37th
34th Hungary 72.7 31st 30th 43rd
35th China 71.0 50th 27th 38th
36th Belarus 70.9 44th 42nd 19th
37th Argentina 70.8 37th 51st =23rd
38th Romania 70.2 =34th 36th 52nd
=39th Brazil 70.1 43rd 58th 14th
=39th Costa Rica 70.1 46th =40th 30th

41st Turkey 69.8 51st 34th 40th
42nd Russia 69.7 33rd =52nd 41st
=43rd Colombia 69.4 54th 32nd 44th
=43rd Mexico 69.4 49th =43rd 31st
45th Panama 68.8 53rd =40th 39th
46th Oman 68.4 =39th =67th 34th
47th Slovakia 68.3 38th 45th 61st
=48th Kazakhstan 67.3 41st =65th 45th
=48th South Africa 67.3 56th 35th 49th
50th Bahrain 66.6 =26th 70th 67th

51st Bulgaria 66.2 36th 81st 48th
52nd Thailand 65.1 42nd 59th 75th
53rd Azerbaijan 64.8 47th 56th 71st
54th Vietnam 64.6 48th 55th 77th
55th Egypt 64.5 81st 23rd 50th
56th Dominican Republic 64.2 63rd 50th 53rd
57th Botswana 63.8 59th =48th 68th
58th Peru 63.3 61st 57th 58th
=59th Ghana 62.8 65th 47th 66th
=59th Morocco 62.8 =75th 37th 55th

=59th Serbia 62.8 52nd 83rd 56th
62nd Indonesia 62.6 58th =48th 84th
63rd Ecuador 61.8 60th =71st 63rd
=64th Jordan 61.0 57th =79th 70th
=64th Philippines 61.0 62nd =65th 80th
66th Sri Lanka 60.8 69th 54th 76th
67th El Salvador 60.7 72nd 60th 62nd
68th Guatemala 60.6 68th =67th 65th
69th Tunisia 60.1 =75th 63rd 54th
70th Algeria 59.8 64th 74th 74th

71st Uzbekistan 59.0 67th 77th 73rd
72nd India 58.9 70th 61st =85th
73rd Honduras 58.0 82nd 64th 57th
74th Paraguay 57.9 55th 103rd 51st
75th Bolivia 57.7 66th =89th 64th
76th Ukraine 57.1 71st =89th 60th
77th Myanmar 57.0 78th 69th 78th
78th Pakistan 56.8 74th 75th 93rd
79th Nepal 56.4 80th 76th 72nd
80th Mali 54.4 98th =52nd 59th

81st Senegal 54.3 88th =71st 69th
82nd Nicaragua 54.2 73rd =94th 83rd
83rd Bangladesh 53.2 77th =79th =107th
84th Cote d’Ivoire 52.3 87th 62nd =104th
85th Benin 51.0 94th 78th =88th
86th Kenya 50.7 =83rd 93rd 94th
87th Burkina Faso 50.1 97th 73rd 95th
88th Cameroon 49.9 86th =96th =85th
89th Niger 49.6 92nd 82nd =97th
90th Cambodia 49.4 =83rd 92nd 100th

91st Ethiopia 49.2 93rd 84th 96th
92nd Laos 49.1 85th =96th =97th
93rd Tajikistan 49.0 79th 104th 87th
94th Nigeria 48.4 90th 99th 79th
95th Rwanda 48.2 103rd 86th 82nd
96th Tanzania 47.6 102nd 88th 91st
97th Guinea 46.7 95th 85th 110th
98th Uganda 46.2 99th 101st 81st
99th Sudan 45.7 96th 102nd 90th
100th Angola 45.5 89th 105th 92nd

101st Zambia 44.4 105th 87th 102nd
102nd Togo 44.0 100th 98th 106th
103rd Haiti 43.3 91st 108th 99th
104th Malawi 42.5 108th 91st =104th
105th Mozambique 41.4 104th =94th 112th
106th Sierra Leone 39.0 106th 106th =107th
107th Syria 38.4 112th 109th =88th
108th Madagascar 37.9 111th 100th 111th
109th Chad 36.9 107th 110th 103rd
110th Congo (Dem. Rep.) 35.7 109th 107th 113th

111th Yemen 35.6 101st 113th 109th
112th Burundi 34.3 110th =111th 101st
113th Venezuela 31.2 113th =111th 47th

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