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Jul 4, 2011
more interested in modern Islamic architecture, as architecture is where the cultural fight back of most non-white people begins (cue Swaminarayan temples in Indian context)......I would love to see the Potohar plateau with my own eyes as well as the desert between Indus and Jhelum..Potohar is at the the central core of a Trans-Indus identity which is not exactly Indic and not exactly Iranic either (though in terms of influence more from Indic sphere given bulk of the population near India than near Afghanistan,Iran)

As I became an adult I understood a trans-Indus polity that straddles the Indic and Iranic region was inevitable anyways (with or without Islam)

The borders of Partition are around 97-98 percent correct...I wish it was a bit more fairer...but it is as it is and is perfectly acceptable ...This is why I always loved @Indus Pakistan 's writings..sad he has been banned and gets regularly banned..He is an important pillar of the secular Pakistani faction here on pdf
He is Racist and deserve to get banned

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