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German Army officer disguised as Syrian refugee arrested over suspected attack plot

Lagay Raho

Oct 7, 2016

A German Army officer arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack had procured a firearm and registered himself as a Syrian refugee, prosecutors said. He might have attempted to put the blame for the possible assault on migrants, local media reported.
The German Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) as well as the prosecutor’s office of Hesse are investigating a 28-year-old first lieutenant of Bundeswehr who was arrested on Thursday in the town of Hammelburg, Bavaria. The arrest was accompanied by searches at 16 locations across Germany, Austria, and France, where the suspect was stationed in the past.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Nadia Niesen of the Hesse prosecutor’s office said the suspect also had a potential accomplice – a 24-year-old student who might have been involved in the plot. Investigators secured valuable evidence during searches, including laptops, mobile phones, as well as firearms and ammunition falling under weapons control laws, she said.

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The officer in question came to a refugee facility in the city of Giessen and was registered as a Syrian refugee in late December 2015, according to Die Welt. Shortly afterwards in January of last year, the officer, whose name has been withheld, applied for asylum in Bavaria and was allocated a room at a local refugee facility.

German authorities granted him asylum even though he was unable to speak Arabic. His German background miraculously went unnoticed as well, Die Welt reported.

According to Bild newspaper, the officer was first spotted by Austrian police when he attempted to conceal a 7.65mm pistol at Vienna International Airport.

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The investigation that started after the incident indicates that the man might have been plotting a “serious act of violence” in order to smear refugees, Die Welt reports. Investigators say that the foiled attack might have xenophobic motives.


Interesting but its even more interesting because its published in RT considering their long history of anti-refugee stance


Mar 14, 2012
German soldier posing as a Syrian refugee arrested for planning 'false flag' terror attack

Investigators say lieutenant stashed gun at Vienna airport to be used in 'act of state-threatening violence'

The Bundeswehr lieutenant allegedly stashed a gun at Vienna airport Getty Images
A German soldier found posing as a Syrian refugee has been arrested for allegedly planning a “false flag” shooting attack that would be blamed on asylum seekers.

The unidentified soldier was detained when he went to retrieve a loaded pistol he had hidden in a bathroom at Vienna International Airport.

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said the 28-year-old is suspected of planning a serious “state-threatening act of violence”, fraud and violating firearms laws.

More than 90 German police officers have worked alongside Austrian and French security forces to search 16 locations across three countries on Wednesday, when a suspected accomplice was arrested in Bavaria.

The suspect was stationed at Illkirch-Graffenstaden, eastern France. (AFP/GettyImages)
Investigations have revealed that the Bundeswehr lieutenant was stationed at Illkirch-Graffenstaden in France before registering as a refugee back in Germany.

He gave false information to authorities in Giessen, Hesse, on 30 December 2015 – as Germany was overwhelmed by the arrival of almost a million asylum seekers.

Posing as a Syrian refugee but reportedly speaking in French, rather than Arabic, the man submitted an asylum application at Zirndorf in Bavaria in January last year.

“As a result, he was given shelter in a refugee home and has received monthly financial benefits under this false identity,” the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office said.

“These findings, as well as other evidence, point towards a xenophobic motive for the soldier’s suspected plan to commit an attack using a weapon deposited at Vienna airport.”

If his plan had succeeded, his fingerprints would have registered on the refugee records system and led investigators to his false identity as a Syrian asylum seeker, turning fresh scrutiny on migrants in Germany.

Isis has previously used a similar ploy, giving its militants fake Syrian passports that were found at the scene of the Paris attacks.

The man’s suspected accomplice, a 24-year-old student, was arrested in Hammelburg for alleged involvement in the plot.

Police have searched the homes of the two suspects as well as their friends and workplaces, with detectives seizing “extensive material” including mobile phones, laptops and documents.

Prosecutors said the soldier had no permission for the 7.65mm pistol stashed in Vienna, while illegal weapons were also found at his accomplice’s house.

Both men remain in custody in Frankfurt as the probe continues.

The soldier was arrested days after prosecutors revealed that the man who orchestrated the Dortmund bus bombings had attempted to frame Isis to make money on shares.

Sergej W, a dual German-Russian national, detonated three bombs targeting a bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund football team, seriously injuring one player on 11 April.

He left misspelled letters at the scene claiming the attack was retaliation for German military intervention against Isis, but investigations found he was not an Islamist but a trader planning to profit from short-selling shares.

A series of Isis-inspired terror attacks and plots in Germany have raised tensions leading into September’s federal elections, where Angela Merkel is battling to win a fourth term as Chancellor.

Right-wing groups have blamed her decision to open borders to refugees in 2015, while extremists have launched hundreds of attacks on asylum seekers’ accommodation.

At least two neo-Nazi terror plots have been uncovered, while security services have cracked down on the anti-government Reichsbürger movement after one of its members killed a police officer.

Division over asylum, immigration and security has driven clashes at protests and political rallies, driving a record year for politically-motivated crime in Germany.


seriously WTF...as if the threat from Islamic terrorism wasn't real enough, we now have false flag ops all over the place.


Sep 24, 2016
Berlin police on Wednesday arrested a German lieutenant suspected of posing as a Syrian refugee to carry out an attack that would be blamed on migrants, The Washington Post reported.

The 28-year-old officer, whose name has not been disclosed, is facing charges of plotting a terrorist attack, fraud and violation of gun laws after being arrested while undergoing training in Germany, the daily said.

A 24-year-old student suspected of being the officer's accomplice was also arrested after police raids in Germany, France and Austria.

A "variety of weapons" found in the 24-year-old's house have also been recovered by the police, the Post said.

The discovery of weapons in the student's home and the officer's assumed identity as a Syrian refugee have led authorities to believe that the two men were planning an attack to fuel resentment against asylum seekers, the daily said.

The publication quoted Nadja Niesen, spokeswoman of the Frankfurt prosecutor's office, as saying that the lieutenant and the 24-year-old had exchanged phone messages revealing “a xenophobic attitude."

According to the Post, the main suspect had registered as a Syrian refugee in 2015 and subsequently applied for registration in Bavaria.

The lietenant was given a place in a refugee shelter in Bavaria and was receiving benefits as well, the Post added, quoting prosecutors in Frankfurt who are in charge of the investigation.

Earlier this year, the suspect was temporarily held by authorities in Austria when he attempted to retrieve a loaded gun he had hidden in a restroom at Vienna airport.

The daily quoted Niesen as saying that the suspect did not appear to have any Arabic language skills.

"Why this went unnoticed, I'm unable to say," Niesen added.

The officer had been stationed in France, however: "it does not mean that he was there every day. He could move freely in his spare time," a spokeswoman of Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office explained.



Jul 12, 2014
How he fooled authorities when he claimed to be refugee? Doesn't make any sense. Looks like more people were involved in order to register him as refugee.

"The soldier apparently didn't attract the attention of authorities, even though he spoke French but no Arabic. During this time he was stationed in Illkich, France, where there is a joint German-French brigade."


Sep 7, 2015
United Kingdom
false flag to turn countries right wing then they ultimately take everyones freedom.
old trick since world war.
Could be. In War, the first victim is the truth.

I am sure that the various intelligence services have their (double) agents planted within the refugees and other communities.

See this

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