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Georgia presents an MDBA system with Python missiles as interceptors

Discussion in 'Military Forum' started by dani191, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Georgia presents an MDBA system with Python missiles as interceptors
    Ami Rukhas Domba 12/06/2018 Contact author

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    A publication on the Georgia Defense Ministry website, which first appeared on janes, reveals an air defense system developed by MDBA with Rafael's Thales radar and Python-based interceptors.

    A short search revealed that Georgia acquired in 2015 Rafael's VLA-MICA air defense system made by MDBA, according to a publication by latribune.fr. The same system is based on the GM200 and GM400 ThalesRaytheonSystems radars, as shown in the latest pictures from the same publication.

    The deal is valued at 78 million euros, of which 53 million is for the macrometers and 25 for the VL-MICA, according to jamestown.org. Another livejournal source.

    The significance of the exposure is that someone can understand that all the customers who bought the world of the VL-MICA system can separately purchase Python Rafael and adapt them to the system. Alternatively, those who bought Python missiles for the Air Force can buy a VL-MICA system and use existing missiles as interceptors.

    It also means that the Python can also be launched from ships because the VL MICA launcher includes a version to be installed on a vessel, according to mbda-systems.