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GEO Ko jeenay do ! Geo and Jang Group’s Response to the Allegations .


Apr 27, 2012
what the **** is that ajeeb logic??? we are already not watching it .. if we go by ur logic then unblockyoutube or pornsite .. any kinda of immoral channels as well .. bcoz we will leave it on ppeople not to watch it .. all around the globe many newspaper shut down on much smaller issues .. your leader nawaz sharif want to use geo against army and to justify his love for the mass murderer modhi .. he went to indian against army and foreign office advice .. but modhi ne zara b lift nhie karyi .. bus celeberties or apnay business partners se mil k ay gaya... bhie if people have to deceide what to watch on not .. please close pemra, unblock **** websites as well ..

btw imran khan has very attactive personality ... he need to pay for giuys unlike u and ur leader .. MQM se kab bani hum ne??? are you saying bcoz imran khan siad we are with MQM WORKERS???
actually this is more stupid logic than mine, and this logic is spread by people like you who will believe on any absurd logic as long its against the people you hate. and yes you leave it to people otherwise ban all the dirty TV shows that goes on on your TV channels some are dirtier than what we see here in Canada. If your people prefer GEO over army then be it

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