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General Syed Asim Munir, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) visited frontline troops in Rakhchikri Sector of Line of Control (LOC) today.


Dec 14, 2008
United Kingdom
Posturing? An Indian Army general issued a statement about taking over Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan if authorized. Pakistan Army made the right call to put him in his place with its own statement.

This is how it should be.

How the issue of Kashmir is settled is another story.
It's best to for PA to keep the lips sealed and just do what needs to be done. Indian dogs bark all the time and it is good to kick them in the teeth occasionally.


Aug 18, 2015
The two weapons in the video are a single tube version of the Type 63 rocket launcher and a Tow ATGM missile . First is used to provide saturation fire usually with phosphorus rounds and second is used as a bunker buster. A good combination. Both offensive weapons. The other interesting thing was the picture of the targeted Indian position on the wall right next to the rocket launcher. In my opinion the video was choreographed to send a message and they are analyzed by the enemy. The Indian media obviously picked it up big time.
The uncounted factor here is PA formations using heavy caliber weapons in the event of a war where LOC needs to be crossed. So its the tube, the ammunition (rocket/missile rounds) and stands or pods. That would part of the Weapons section or weapon platoon. However, its not just one type of weapon. There will be:
1. ATGM (6-10 missiles)
2. RR (12-20 rounds, different types)
3. Mortar (30 rounds)
4. HMG 12.7mm (500+ bullets)
5. and maybe a 20mm AA gun (50-250 rounds)
This will obviously need re-arming after deployed in a firing position and constant supply of ammunition as the unit advances towards enemy.

What if such fire power is brought from the air which is faster in deployment, faster in re-arming back at base, doesn't hold a supply disadvantage as base is stationary dozens of kms back in friendly territory. However, the disadvantage lies with protecting the munitions delivery system (aircraft/gunship/UCAV) from enemy AD (ground fire) and enemy fighters along with a fact that mortar type weapon cannot be fired by them however their movement/agility and altitude can give them an angle to toss bombs in area where elevation angle of mortar is hard to point and hit. The last factor would be weather.

This certainly will also take the burden off from QM providing logistics through mules and 1-ton carrying capacity roads of AJK and IOK. A missile when fired at a higher altitude, say from base of mountain towards peak of mountain will undergo different physical and atmospheric affects including speed/momentum and battery life (if FnF). RR wouldn't be able to achieve certain angles and would require a more stable terrain while HMG could provide covering fire to advancing troops in silencing fire from enemy bunkers holding LMGs and sniper teams. Taking out those bunkers would be another issue, requiring larger caliber weapon like ATGM or mortar fire. A perfectly placed 20mm AAA will provide fire support against all targets but will be inviting fire from enemy artillery as priority target.

How many mules climbing mountains, how many trucks navigating narrow roads, would be required to support an infantry battalion with these heavy weapons is another question. If lucky, maybe that battalion gets visits from transport helicopters for supply of ammunition, weapons, reinforcements and medevac but then there are dozens and dozens of battalions deployed along LOC. After 2-3 helis are shot down by Indian forces, heli flights will stop in that sector.

Defending mountains and peaks are easier in Kashmir than going on the offesnsive.


Apr 28, 2014
United Kingdom
So Bajwa didn't approve new bunkers at LOC. Why he was so sure about India will not backstab? Did they fulfill plebiscite promise?

Should we merge?
We are reinforcing bunkers at loc now (concluded from 26th Dec CCC).

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