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GCU Faislabad tears down Imran Khan’s picture from PM laptop scheme banner

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    The Government College University Faisalabad has taken down a banner advertising the date for the distribution ceremony of the Prime Minister’s laptop scheme which had carried a picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

    The banner, which had a picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan for the distribution ceremony taking place on January 18th, was taken down after the PM was criticised on social media for taking part in a scheme that his party had promised to never get on board with. In a tweet from back in October 2014, the PTI on its official twitter handle had criticised the Prime Minister’s laptop scheme saying that “We won’t provide laptops but train our youth with computer programming skills and equip them with necessary skills.”

    The banner which was for the fifth phase of the scheme, which will also be its last, since the PTI announced in September that it would be ending the scheme along with others, seems to have been a mistake made on the part of the university administration.

    Punjab Chief Minister’s spokeperson Dr Shahbaz Gill tweeted out pictures of the Prime Minister’s picture being taken down.

    Dr. Shahbaz GiLL@ShabazGil

    جی سی یونیورسٹی فیصل آباد میں لیپ ٹاپ کی تقسیم کی تقریب کے لیے لگائے گئے بینر پر وزیراعظم کی تصویر یونیورسٹی انتظامیہ نے سابق حکمرانوں کے رویے اور اپنی عادتوں کو اپناتے ہوئے لگائی. انتظامیہ کو یہ سمجھنے کی ضرورت ہے کہ یہ پرانا نہیں نیا پاکستان- ہے- .@fawadchaudhry


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    “The University administration seems to have put up the Prime Minister’s picture in accordance with their habits and the attitude of the previous government. They need to understand that this is Nayya Pakistan” it read.

    Before this, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal had also pointed out the banner and reminded the PTI of their tweet. “This is why it is wise to weigh your words before you speak. The PML-N introduced the youth to digital revolution through its laptop scheme and Imran Khan opposed it. Now he has made it his own. Another U-turn” he said in a facebook post.
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    IK criticized the price of Laptop PMLN distributed.
    It is almost end of PMLN politics. After South Punjab province, PMLN politics will be buried 6 feet deep.