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Garuda Aerospace's made-in-India drones to aid New Delhi's rescue efforts in Turkey


Jul 19, 2022

India's National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams conducting rescue and operations in earthquake-hit Turkey will be aided by Indian eyes-in-the-sky, in the form of indigenous drones. Based on a formal request from the NDRF, Chennai-based drone firm Garuda Aerospace has mobilised two drones for catering to airborne surveillance, thermal imaging, and delivery of essential goods to hard-to-reach locations. The drones are being flown to Turkey on an aircraft of the Indian Air Force and are expected to reach the destination late at night, Indian time.

Speaking to WION, Garuda Aerospace CEO & Founder Agnishwar Jayaprakash said that their lightest drone 'Droni' would be utilised for surveillance in the most affected areas. They will help identify locations where victims could be trapped under rubble. In addition to this, their heavier drone — 'Kisan Drone' — would help in carrying medicines, emergency supplies and food for the victims.

Garuda Aerospace's 'Kisan Drone' recently received type certification and Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO) approval from the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The company said that they were the first in the country to get these approvals.

The firm had earlier deployed its drones for rescue and relief operations in several parts of India, including the Chamoli glacier burst at Uttarakhand, and locust control operation in Rajasthan. During the pandemic, these drones were also used to deliver medicines and vaccines to hospitals.

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