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Galwan video is fake, POWs are paid Pakistan actors, Indian military fan with "connection with Indian army" claims

M. Sarmad

Oct 27, 2013
مصلی is an Urdu word for Muslim
mussali is a musalman shudra. word itself is drawn from Arabic to mean namaazi.

choorha, chamaar, masih are Christian synonyms

@M. Sarmad

Mussali is a Chuhra who has converted to Islam. Chuhra is a caste name that has been recorded as such in the official documents of British India. The first regular census of British India was carried out in 1881 and Denzil Ibbetson has recorded that Chuhras prefer to be called 'Chuhras' as they consider other names for their castes such as 'Bhangi' to be derogatory. 'Chuhra' has been recorded as a scavenging tribe and the fourth largest caste/tribe of Punjab

The Musalman Chuhra continues to be called Chuhra so long as he eats carrion or removes night-soil, and is only promoted to the title of Musalli on his relinquishing those habits, the Musalli being considered distinctly a higher class than the Chuhra.

The laborers (or Shudras) were not included in the Varna System originally and after a millennia-long segregation they were finally allowed into the folds of Hindu society (partly because of the mixing of Foreigner 'higher' class with the local 'lower' class over centuries) as the Fourth Varna, at the foot of the social ladder which they of course were not allowed to 'climb'. But the pure aboriginal communities were never accepted in the society, they remained 'outcasts' and eventually became the Fifth class; the Dalits or untouchables.

Similarly, Chamar is also a distinct Indian caste/tribe. An outcast like Chuhras but slightly higher in status. Chamars who converted to Islam are called Julaaha/Ansari, Mochi etc. Chamars are rarely Christian.

Christian and Chuhra is used synonymously in Punjab as almost all Punjabi Christians are Chuhras who converted to Christianity during the colonial rule. There are a few so called Goan Christians also who consider themselves way superior than ordinary Chuhra Christians
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Apr 28, 2014
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Mirrasi I know that was a caste in the olden days
technically mirasi were different. They were nomadic people who were jugular, magicians, comedians, satirists, etc. They also made handicrafts to sell, and can tell lineage of various tribes (due to travelling). However, due to nomadic nature, the only inheritance (Meeras) they had was their talent.

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