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From the F-35 to the operating room

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    From the F-35 to the operating room
    13 June, 2018

    Elbit Systems has unveiled a new spin-off company, Unix, which developed a helmet that uses laminated reality to help surgeons perform eye surgery more accurately. The system is based on Elbit's smart pilot helmet

    The skills required of a surgeon are often compared to the skills of a fighter pilot. Today, Elbit Systems has unveiled a new medical device spin-off company called Beyeonics, which has developed a wearable head system that provides surgery surgeons with the ability to perform more efficiently and accurately complex eye operations that require millimeter precision. The technology of the Unix head system is based on the display and image processing technologies Elbit has developed for years in the military field in the aircraft division.

    At the same time, Elbit announced that Unix had completed a $ 11.5 million financing round. Elbit did not specify the identity of the investors, but noted that among them was an international corporation.
    Replace the microscope
    The first system of Unix is the Clarity Bionic Visualization platform, designed to replace the use of surgical microscopes for surgeons.

    The Unix platform is based on the technology used in one of Elbit Systems' flagship products in the military field: Elbit's smart flight helmet, which is responsible for the operation of the N-35.

    Elbit's Helmet Helmet is designed to make it easier for the pilot to navigate the space on day and night flights. The helmet includes an upper display that radiates to the pilot on the helmet reflector relevant data about the flight, the mission and the mission, without having to look down at the watches in the cockpit. The helmet is supported by a Distributed Aperture System system that delivers real-time images from 6 infrared cameras installed in the aircraft in different directions, giving the pilot a peripheral vision capability.

    Similarly, Unix's Clarity platform consists of a transparent head-wearable display that uses Elbit's military display technologies. The Unix platform creates a high-resolution 3D virtual world that presents real-time critical information to the surgeon based on the system's imaging systems and imaging information from the hospital's systems, which gives the surgeon an orientation that enables him to perform the operation more accurately and safely.