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Death Professor

Sep 3, 2018
As soon as Kindergarten failed are confronted. Low lives resort to name-calling and diverting from real Topics on hand. Kangaroo court owned by the Sharif family found him Guilty do you even know why Nawaz went after him...

Yes yes, as soon as low lives are confronted with facts, they resort to name calling. Let me remind you(who has sucked some of Mush) . You are the one who called me a "keyboard warrior" Is that not name calling, then you accused me of lying without any rebuttal proof.
Ohh the Kangroo court, do tell me was it Nawaz era?
Keep on licking the feet of your sharabi lord. Pathetic piece of shiat he was and his pujari followers are.

I believe in the Almighty GOD on the other hand your gods are too many for me to count, so ill let you bend over in front of whomever you like.
I named your sharabi god, and watched your reaction when I laid my foot on that tail of yours. Boot licking and barking are the only traits found in Mush's Pujari's. Do provide the proof(btw I can speculate about your family too but I am not going too, since I don't want to fall at your level)

The same Bugti who had a private militia and was leading a guerrilla war against the state of Pakistan openly pro-India and are involved in killing Pakistani soldiers shouldn't be dealt with an iron fist...
I guess, the seed was also planted by the Musharaf, hence the loyalty. Not even his son would be this loyal. I am engaging with a 10 y.o. who doesn't even know history, better you educate yourself about who bugti was. Before you blame bugti go read contributions first, also do learn what lead to that confrontation. It was all your dictator lord's ego which lead to that confrontation. And too this day we see it's repercussions.

NRO was given to Nawaz because of the House of Saud putting pressure on him since all you do is talk big without knowing the background, Imbecile, only comments on things you have some knowledge on, this isn't your living room where your handwritten with crayons kindergarten failed diploma hangs as some kind of prize...
Yes, yes blame it on Saud's, blame it on Amercians, but don't blame your lord. Pathetic, piece of shiat.

It is always easier to sit on the sideline years after and claim that was the wrong decision... so spare us all...
No, It's more easier to lick the boot of a sharabi dictator, and keep on doing till his death. You should f yourself, for calling him patriotic. He was patriotic, may be to India or America but certainly not Pakistan.

He might or might not drink, I don't know, but you engaging in gossip spreading lies about others is a bigger sin in Islam than drinking...
Good job, creating doubt. You can't hide the fact that on many occasions he was caught drinking.

This man put his life on the line for Pakistan, so yeah he is a Patriotic son, what have you done for Pakistan that qualifies you to question him...
I call him a ch+++ and I call all his followers maha boot licking ch++++. He destroyed this country. A coward, a traitor, a liar and a drunk who did jack shiat for the nation, created chaos and is now living a life in exile like a rabid dog, which he is.

Explaining AQ khan's decision to kindergarten failed to like yourself is like banging your head against the wall...
haha, no words to explain, simple answer is there isn't any reasonable explanation, all was done to please your master's master. I guess congratulations are in order, welcome to my ignore list, boot licker pujari.

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