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France will not exclude China's Huawei from 5G rollout: minister

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    (Reuters) - France will not follow the United States and exclude China's Huawei from its next-generation 5G network, but will have the power to vet all equipment makers for any potential security threat, a minister said on Monday.
    French telecoms regulator Arcep kicked off the long-awaited sale of 5G spectrum on Thursday, ending months of intense debate between the country's telecoms operators and authorities on how to best deploy the new ultra-fast mobile internet technology.

    "We do not target one equipment maker," Junior Economy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher told BFM Business television on Monday. "There is no exclusion."

    There are three equipment makers active in France. Huawei has a 25% market share, there is also Nokia and Ericsson. Samsung is not active yet in France but is interested by 5G," said Pannier-Runacher.

    "The government will not exclude anyone. We are not following the position of the United States," she added. "We will proceed on a case by case basis

    Telecoms operators will have to seek permission from the prime minister for their 5G network projects, and receive clearance based on national security considerations.