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Featured France urges Middle Eastern countries to stop boycott of French products

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That Guy

Mar 29, 2013
On a side note, I want to point out the two problems that I have with Macron's little comments.

First, he says there is Islamist separatism in France, NO THERE ISN'T. This is a MYTH perpetuated by far right neonazis.

Second, he says Islam is a religion in crisis, NO IT'S NOT. Study geopolitics even a little bit, and you'll quickly realize just how bullshit this comment is.

Macron is an incompetent buffoon, who doesn't realize just how much damage he's done to France, and how he's playing right into the hands of both extremist Islamists, and extremist neonazi groups.


Mar 12, 2014
Macron is an incompetent buffoon, who doesn't realize just how much damage he's done to France, and how he's playing right into the hands of both extremist Islamists, and extremist neonazi groups.
But undermining Macron might bring marine le pen to power who is an even worse islamophobe/neonazi
there are no good choices in this case, i will pick macron over le pen


Oct 16, 2014
Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Why to elect the maniacs at the first place????
From history :

In the late 1800’s, it became known to Sultan Abdülhamid II that a comedy play about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was being performed at a theater in Paris, France. As the Caliph of all Muslims, this was an intolerable affront to Islam that Sultan Abdülhamid II wanted to put an end to. He wrote an ultimatum letter to the French government informing them that he was intent on stopping the play. After deliberating the matter, not only did the French government put an end to the play, they also exiled many of the actors to the United Kingdom to appease the Sultan.

After some time, the Sultan learned that the same derogatory play was going to start being performed in London. Sultan Abdülhamid II reacted to this news and wrote a letter to the British government with a similar ultimatum, and informed them that the play had recently been prohibited in France. The British government responded to the Sultan’s letter by stating “This is not France. We have freedom in our borders.”

Upon receiving this letter, Sultan Abdülhamid II wrote a fairly aggressive response to the British and stated: “My ancestors gave their lives without hesitation for the sake and success of Islam. In this vein, I will decisively prepare an order to the entire worldwide Muslim nation (Ummah) and inform them of your continued haughty attitude and persistence in allowing this disrespectful play to continue. YOU MUST NOW CONSIDER WHAT WILL BE THE OUTCOME OF THIS ORDER!”

The British, having had extensive diplomatic ties with Sultan Abdülhamid II had an in-depth insight into his personality. They realized that his words were not an empty threat, and immediately put an end to the theatrical play.

From the book “Osmanlı’dan Torunlarına Yol Rehberi”.
Via : Ottoman Imperial Archives


Feb 25, 2014
There must be more trade between France and Belgium than there is between France and all muslim countries conbined.... who cares if middle easterners don't eat kiri or la vache qui rit cheese... lol.


Aug 11, 2020
United Kingdom
Covid is brutal

All industry is under pressure

If a big chunk of 2 BILLION muslims suddenly boycott, it won't break France

BUT it will pile on the pressure, during a Corona period where french industry faces collapse

This is a LEGITIMATE non violent way to protest and show our anger and dissatisfaction with what France has done

And needs to be carried on atleast for a while to give them a message
Days of non violent protests are gone


May 29, 2012
United Kingdom
There must be more trade between France and Belgium than there is between France and all muslim countries conbined.... who cares if middle easterners don't eat kiri or la vache qui rit cheese... lol.
Maybe you are right

But this isn't about destroying France, it's simply a act of protest

A message that For Fcuks Sake pick a different topic froggy

The Chechen dude snapped and took it too far and took the teachers head

This is legitimate protest


Jul 21, 2009
I boycott French products until France begs apology and take measures to ensure this doesn't happen again - Ever.

Quran: 103 (Translation Pickthall)

By the declining day,

Lo! man is a state of loss,

Save those who believe and do good works, and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to endurance.

Its time we exhort (strongly encourage) and stand together for truth and endurance - against Islamophobia - and register peaceful but a stern response against miscreants who intently malign our faith.


Mar 17, 2007
United Arab Emirates

Some shops in Kuwait had stripped their shelves of French-made products by Sunday

France has urged Middle Eastern countries to end calls for a boycott of its goods in protest at President Emmanuel Macron's defence of the right to show cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The French foreign ministry said the "baseless" calls for a boycott were being "pushed by a radical minority".

French products have been removed from some shops in Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar.

Meanwhile, protests have been seen in Libya, Syria and the Gaza Strip.

The backlash stems from comments made by Mr Macron after the gruesome murder of a French teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

The president said the teacher, Samuel Paty, "was killed because Islamists want our future", but France would "not give up our cartoons".

Beheading of teacher deepens divisions in France
French anger over Turkey's 'rude' Macron comments
Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad can cause serious offence to Muslims because Islamic tradition explicitly forbids images of Muhammad and Allah (God).

But state secularism - or laïcité - is central to France's national identity. Curbing freedom of expression to protect the feelings of one particular community, the state says, undermines unity.

On Sunday, Mr Macron doubled down on his defence of French values in a tweet that read: "We will not give in, ever."

Political leaders in Turkey and Pakistan have rounded on Mr Macron, accusing him of not respecting "freedom of belief" and marginalising the millions of Muslims in France.

On Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested, for a second time, that Mr Macron should seek "mental checks" for his views on Islam.

Similar comments prompted France to recall its ambassador to Turkey for consultations on Saturday.

How widespread is the boycott on French products?
Some supermarket shelves had been stripped of French products in Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait by Sunday. French-made hair and beauty items, for example, were not on display.

In Kuwait, a major retail union has ordered a boycott of French goods.

The non-governmental Union of Consumer Co-operative Societies said it had issued the directive in response to "repeated insults" against the Prophet Muhammad.

In a statement, the French foreign ministry acknowledged the moves, writing: "These calls for boycott are baseless and should stop immediately, as well as all attacks against our country, which are being pushed by a radical minority."

Online, calls for similar boycotts in other Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have been circulating.

A hashtag calling for the boycott of French supermarket chain Carrefour was the second-most trending topic in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world's largest economy.

Meanwhile, small anti-French protests were held in Libya, Gaza and northern Syria, where Turkish-backed militias exert control.

Why is France embroiled in this row?
Mr Macron's robust defence of French secularism and criticism of radical Islam in the wake of Mr Paty's killing has angered some in the Muslim world.

Turkey's Mr Erdogan asked in a speech: "What's the problem of the individual called Macron with Islam and with the Muslims?"

Meanwhile Pakistani leader Imran Khan accused the French leader of "attacking Islam, clearly without having any understanding of it".

"President Macron has attacked and hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims in Europe & across the world," he tweeted.

French Muslims fear state aims to control their faith
Earlier this month, before the teacher's killing, Mr Macron had already announced plans for tougher laws to tackle what he called "Islamist separatism" in France.

He said a minority of France's estimated six million Muslims were in danger of forming a "counter-society", describing Islam as a religion "in crisis".

Cartoons caricaturing the Islamic prophet have a dark and intensely political legacy in France.

In 2015, 12 people were killed in an attack on the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had published the cartoons.

Some in Western Europe's largest Muslim community have accused Mr Macron of trying to repress their religion and say his campaign risks legitimising Islamophobia.

It is having effect. France is now officially pleading to Arab nations not to boycott its products at the highest level. The French now understand that this is going to have ramifications. More and more countries could now follow through with boycotting French products. Now all Muslim countries should indeed follow through and boycott French products to hurt them as much as possible. As long as France doesn't apologise there shouldn't be any respite.

i was going to buy a Tefal pan ... decided to go for a Turkish brand instead
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