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France turns the screws on Imran Khan, declines upgrade for Mirage, subs and more

Ahmet Pasha

May 23, 2017
United States
In real life these people are star plus.
Their news media is star plus
Even entertainment media is garbage dumpster star plus

CAUTION: The above video may cause mild to severe headaches. Consult a phycisian if any syptoms do occur.

undercover JIX

Dec 6, 2008
Any deny from French govt ? .. because HT is quoting France..
LOL Indians always quote un named highly credible sources and persons familiar with the top secret matters.

they just names this country fake news factory instead of denying each and every news and claim coming out of this curry hole.


Dec 26, 2018
United Kingdom
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After Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly defended Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s claim that French President Emmanuel Macron is Islamophobic and to boycott Made In France products, Pakistan had the courage to request to Paris to upgrade its French-made fighters jets, submarines and air defense systems.

Diplomats in New Delhi and Paris told Hindustan Times that Pakistan had recently requested France for upgrades to keep the fighter jets in the air.

“The request has been declined,” one diplomat in Paris said.

The Pakistani Air Force has about 150 Dassault Aviation Mirage fighter jets, comprising of Mirage III and Mirage 5, as well as three Agosta 90B submarines built by French firm Naval Group and a French-Italian made air defense system.

French made Mirage Hellenic Air Force's fleet of Mirage 2000/5 warplanes's fleet of Mirage 2000/5 warplanes
French-made Mirage fighter jet.

Although the Pakistani Air Force has about 150 Mirage fighter jets, only half of them are serviceable.

The French rejection to upgrade these aircrafts gives India a major military advantage over Pakistan.

According to the Hindustan Times, France also told Qatar, one of the countries that bought French-made Rafale fighter jets, to not allow Pakistani technicians to work with the plane over concerns that they could leak technical information about the fighter to Islamabad as the omni-role jet is the front-line fighter of India.

Diplomats said a third request from Pakistan to upgrade its Agosta 90B class submarines with air-independent propulsion (AIP) systems that would allow them to stay underwater for longer has also been rejected by France.

A similar request for upgrading the French-Italian air defence system has also been denied.

Khan defending radical Muslims in France, even at a time when Ali Hassan, an 18-year-old of Pakistani origin, stabbed two persons with a meat cleaver outside the previous office of Charlie Hebdo because it published an image of Muhamad, the founder of Islam, something that is forbidden according to the Muslim religion.

His father, who still lives in Pakistan, told a local news channel that his son had “done a great job” and he is “very happy” about the terrorist attack.

Khan wrote an open letter to leaders of Muslim-majority countries that asked them to unite against “growing Islamophobia in non-Muslim states” and Pakistan’s National Assembly made an embarrassing demand to recall the Pakistani ambassador to Paris. despite Pakistan not having an ambassador in Paris for months already.
No one gives a flying F about French not helping us...

Mirages are flying because of efforts of PAC not france... we know all ins and outs of Mirage otherwise we wouldnt have kept it flying for half century...

Secondly Agosta upgrade will be a problem but with Turkeys help it will be taken care of...
[Yaar, uun Mirages may ab kuch raha hai? Upgradation ke kon si ab gunjaish rahe hai?]

News Flash: French deny PAF with installing cup-holders on the III/V.

We are upgrading ourselves bahi like always if even Cheetah upgrade (latest) was done mostly by our own engineers and a little help was taken and it was from South Africa I think...


Jan 24, 2017
vo baat saare fasāne meñ jis kā zikr na thā

vo baat un ko bahut nā-gavār guzrī hai

وہ بات سارے فسانے میں جِس کا ذکر نہ تھا

وہ بات اِن کو بہت ناگوار گُزری ہے

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