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France launches state-of-the-art military communications satellite


Dec 14, 2008
United Kingdom
A serious step to weaponisation of space, where is this leading to?

France launches state-of-the-art military communications satellite
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Credit: PIXTA / CC0 public domain

France has successfully put a state-of-the-art satellite in orbit designed to enable all French troops around the world to communicate quickly and securely.

Paris created Space Force Command in July 2019 amid concerns that rival countries are investing heavily Space technology, Is considered the new Military Frontier.

NS Hygiene French Air and Space Force spokesman Colonel Stephen Spet told AFP that it was “designed to resist military aggression and interference from the ground and space.”

The Ariane 5 rocket, carrying the Syracuse 4A satellite, took off from Kourou, French Guiana, late Saturday and completed the mission 38 minutes and 41 seconds after takeoff.

Satellites can investigate the environment nearby and move themselves to escape attacks.

“Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment (with an anti-jamming antenna and a digital transmissive processor), Syracuse 4A guarantees: High resistance “To the extreme sabotage,” launch provider Arianespace wrote in a description of its mission.

Mark Finault, a weapons proliferation expert at the Geneva Center for Security Policy, told AFP that the satellites are also protected from the electromagnetic pulses that result from a nuclear explosion.

“If deterrence fails, this is the final warning scenario,” he added.

In March, France launched its first military exercise in space to test its ability to defend the satellite, calling it “the first for the French army and the first in Europe.”

The French government accused Russia of bringing the information-gathering satellite Olymp-K (also known as Luci) in the immediate vicinity of the French and Italian military satellites Athena Fidus in 2017, and Defense Minister Florence Parli called it a “spy act.” called. “.

Last year, the United States claimed that Russia had conducted non-destructive anti-satellite weapons tests from space.

In March, French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said there had been other similar incidents since then, but did not provide details.

Investing in France space The program is set to reach € 4.3 billion ($ 5 billion) over the budget period from 2019 to 2025, which is only a fraction of the amount spent by the United States or China.

France conducts first military exercise in space

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France launches state-of-the-art military communications satellite

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