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Flight Safety Analysis: 2007-2011


Sep 24, 2006
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Facts & Conclusion:

The armed forces of India have lost exactly 3 squadron strength worth of aircrafts over past four years of which more than 1 ½ squadron worth attributed to fighters and a further 1 squadron attributed to helicopters. Statistically, India losses approximately 1 aircraft per month excluding recoverable mishaps. Such a high rate of attrition is not seen in any other front line military. Also the loss of life is tremendous with 50 deaths mostly that of military personals. Rapid progress needs to be made in air safety by India. Aircrafts like the MiG-21, MiG-27, Cheetah and Chetek needs to be replaced by safer indigenous aircrafts like the Tejas and Dhruv by increasing their annual serial production.

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