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First Dash 8-400 aircraft to join Biman fleet Tuesday

The Ronin

Mar 24, 2017

A brand new Dash 8-400 aircraft is expected to join Biman Bangladesh Airlines on Tuesday.

This will mark the delivery of the first of three aircraft bought from aircraft manufacturing company De Havilland Canada.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has named the latest edition to the national flag carrier’s fleet “Dhurbatara,” said a press release issued on Sunday.

“The addition of three Dash 8-400 aircraft to the fleet will increase Biman’s flight frequency on domestic and short-haul international routes. The new Dash 8-400 aircraft - built by De Haviland Canada - is equipped with eco-friendly and state-of-the-art facilities.

“The 74-seat aircraft is equipped with HEPA filter technology that completely purifies the air inside an aircraft by destroying bacteria, viruses, and other germs in just 4 minutes,” read the release.

The inclusion of the Dash 8-400 will take the total number of aircraft in Biman’s fleet to 19.



Dec 31, 2010
Dash 8-400 joins Biman fleet Tuesday

TBS Report
22 November, 2020, 06:45 pm
Last modified: 22 November, 2020, 09:02 pm

Biman is increasing its fleet while the national carrier is already incurring huge losses in the wake of the pandemic

While international airlines are cutting down the sizes of their fleets to recoup losses in the wake of the pandemic, Biman Bangladesh Airlines is going to increase the size of its fleet.

A brand new aircraft Dash 8-400 will join the fleet of Biman on 24 November. De Havilland Canada is the manufacturer of the aircraft.

Biman is expanding its fleet at a time when the national carrier is already in trouble, having incurred huge losses since it failed to keep up flight operations due to the general holidays.

The new 74-seater small aircraft, which was ordered in 2018, will fly the regional routes, said Md Mokabbir Hossain, managing director of Biman.

He said the plane was supposed to be delivered in March this year but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Biman will be compensated for the delay in delivery.

Mokabbir said the small aircraft will operate on the Dhaka-Delhi route which will make flying cheap. Currently, a long-haul aircraft 737 operates on this route – which is costly for the carrier.

"When small-haul aircraft fly the short distance, it will save fuel and other costs," he added.
Moreover, Biman has plans to expand its operations on domestic routes as two more Dash-8 aircraft will join the fleet in February and March next year.

Currently, Biman has only two small-haul aircraft for domestic operations out of its total 18 aircraft.

Both of the two were taken on lease, but one of them was purchased in July from the lessor. Another one is still on lease.

The new inclusion of Dash 8-400 will take the number of the total fleet to 19, according to Biman.

Last year, three new Dreamliners joined the Biman fleet.

The national carrier is still operating long-haul aircraft on domestic routes due to a lack of enough small-haul planes.

As a result, Biman had long been absorbing losses from its operation. This has discouraged the authorities from increasing the number of domestic flights.

Though the number of passengers is still low even after reopening on 1 June, Biman is expanding its flights on domestic routes, gradually.

On 12 November, Biman introduced flights on the Sylhet-Cox's Bazar route.



Apr 18, 2012
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Biman needs to take a long view. BD has enough demand to take on many more planes and it should now that jets can be gotten really cheap.

Foreign airlines have the major share in BD that represents loss to the nation and this trend should be reversed.

C19 downturn will end and Biman should see this as an opportunity to expand on the cheap and plan to modernise and upscale for the future.

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