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FIR against Cap Safdar: IGP Sindh and many other senior police officials applied for leave


Aug 17, 2007
It is always surprising to see the absolute bottoms of basic governenace that Pakistanis feel so comfortable with. No wonder that every Pakistani who has the resources wants to relocate to a more developed, preferably non Islamic European nation at the drop of a hat. It seems like the esablishment has completely over stepped its questionable authority and the Pakistani people are not going to accept this gross mismanagement anymore. Stop eating the army churan and see for yourself that they are all equally bad - one just tries justify itself by creating a feeling of insecurity and also passing all the blame for its own decisions on the puppets of its choosing. All those who blindly support the army/ISI establishment and want everyone in Pakistan to be a happy and willing pawn of the arrmy, you hypocrite people are absolutely the lowest quality of intellectual garbage - as soon as the army knocks on your doors you'll totally bail and the only ones left supporting are the ones who directly or indirectly benefit from the army and its countless civilian dealings.

Scumbags like you sitting in UK, enjoying the rewards of life in the free, secular, democratic world - and asking for a muderous cleansing of Pakistani people - killing and torturing millions of innocent civilians, everyone who even questions whats right - everyone who happens to have chosen the wrong profession (non Army) - You are the greatest bane on Pakistan and its people. It is really perverted how you live a good material life while you advocate the killing and torture of your brethren just because they aspire to get the same freedom and rights as what you enjoy in the country where you are living now.
I read in Pakistani newspaper, oversea Pakistani did send highest remittances in the history of Pakistan since the PTI is in power, and that in some months it was all time more then the income of the country’s export. We are not soo bad ...as you described !
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