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FIFA World Cup 2022


Sep 29, 2010
United States
Defense was awful today and way to many missed chances.

Well done to the Dutch. This is a young U.S. team. Get ready for the home World Cup in 4 years

How far did Pakistan make it again?

US is the youngest team in the tournament. Top 16 finish is not bad

Still 6 minutes to go. :)

Netherlands wins 3-1. Well played!


Oct 16, 2016
United States
1-0 Dutch

US has looked dangerous on multiple attacks, but the final quality isn’t there

Yeah man it was just so weird they were passing so much better than the Dutch right in from of big box and if they were outside it or even got into it and had a chance to fire it on net, it looked like they would pass it to the friggin goal keeper. I was so frustrated yelling at the big dcreen finish it off strong and slam it into the back of the net with all the power they had but it was like a pass to the goalie and I was pulling my hair like WTF??!?!?! What the hell was the matter with them zero quality finishing off some incredibly great chances they had.

And the halfa$$ scissors kick. Did you see that? Not only was he way off the left post that that might've been the most pathetic halfhearted effort at a scissors kick I have EVER seen. I've seen guys playing in the streets of Thailand and Pakistan and or course Egypt with homemade balls made of old stinking socks and rubber bands and what have you put in 100xs the effort on a scissors kick knowing they were going to fall on their backs on the hardened asphalt street but still. that didn't deter them from making incredible shots with all their power and right on net!

These bogus bungle bodies making millions of dollars can't even get the actual action right. Never mined getting it anywhere close to the net or goalie or God forbid it actually goes in! But with all that loot and training and ice baths and massages by sweethearts and all possible luxury guys like us could only dream of! But then they go out and shank it like the losers that they are. We really got it call it like it is thanks to Alice Cooper - No More Mr. Nice Guy.

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