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FATA vows to fight side by side with army against India

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    PESHAWAR: Tribal elders at a grand gathering at Bagh-e-Naran vowed to fight side by side with the Pakistan Army if India dared to attack the country.

    It was held under the auspices of Federally Administered Tribal Areas’ (FATA) Grand Alliance and was attended by tribal elders including former federal ministers Hamidullah Jan Afridi and Malik Waris Khan, Malik Salahuddin Koki Khel, Malik Khan Marjan Wazir, Malik Daud Khan Afridi, Malik Muhammad Amin, Malik Darya Khan Afridi and others.

    The elders said the people of FATA had always sacrificed their lives and property for the sake of the country and would not let anyone to cast an evil eye on the motherland. They would stand shoulder to shoulder with army to fight the enemy, the tribal elders said and that they were ready to sacrifice everything for the country’s defence.

    “We are soldiers without uniform,” they said.

    The elders vowed to repeat their ancestral history by liberating the occupied valley from the Indian forces and urged the United Nations to play its due role to end Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir.


    This wasn't posted here but yesterday the tribal elders also fully supported the army and Pakistan. I will have you know that right now the tribals and the govt are in a disagreement about whether fata should be merged with kpk or be given special status as elders want status.

    Nevertheless they are with us, united and will face any external threat from the enemy of pakistan. Remember in 1960s when Afghanistan made the mistake of invading bajuar and these tribals slaughtered them and sent them home packing.

    Tribesmen declared ‘We are soldiers without uniform’
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