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Family of Ghous Pak joined Quaid e Azam for Pakistan | Pir of Wana | Kashmir |

The Eagle

Oct 15, 2015
In 1926 Hazrat Yousuf Faiz Ullah Gillani came to Pakistan on orders of Hazrat Shiekh Abdul Qadir Jillani. An Iraqi national from a highly religious family moved to India for spreading Islam in subcontinent. The Wali stayed a year in Subcontinent and went through lengths and breadths of Pakistan from Karachi to Sindh to Balochistan to KPK and from Kashmir to Hyderabad Deccan. He again went back to Iraq and stayed at home for three years. He was again ordered to go back to India and serve Islam in mountains of India.

So now Hazrat Yousuf Faiz Ullah Gillani came back to Sub continent but this time it was for good. In early 1940s he joined Pakistan Movement and offered his unconditional support to Quaid e Azam. He was by then a popular figure in tribal areas of present KPK and was named as Pir of Wana. During the elections of 1946 Pir of Wana supported All India Muslim League in KPK and became the flag bearer of All India Muslim League He made Quaid e Azam win in elections.

Pir of Wana was the pioneer of Pakistan Movement in Tribal history. After Independence he fought the war of 1948 Kashmir and led the tribal warriors till Srinagar airport. He was given the title of Ghazi e Kashmir and was also awarded honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Government of Pakistan.


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