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Eye Sight Issue

Discussion in 'Pakistan Defence & Military Careers' started by Ark-Angel, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Hello Everyone.

    I am applying in 134 PMA L/C. Due to my weak eyesight ASRC doctor referred me to the nearby CMH for eye check-up.

    The eye-specialist gave me "Vision Standard 3". (-1.75 in both eyes). He said I am fit for PMA, but I might not be able to join any fighting corps due to my weak vision. However, he was not sure of it and asked me to double check it with relevant authorities. I asked a serving colonel of Signals who said that back in his time, eye-sight didn't matter in selection for Fighting Corps as long as the cadet did fine in PMA.

    Can anyone please tell me whether my eye-sight can hinder my selection for Armoured Corps or not.