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Examining Pakistan's Point of View in Global Circus as Year 2020 approaches and end


Sep 8, 2009
Here we are it is year 2020 , world is grappling with Covid-19 , and there is chaos and people are quite nervous. But Pakistan is here in mist of things
Let us examine the current circumstances Pakistan is facing in a very unbiased look at state of affairs.

Economy :
Pakistan's economy is not Dimond category , however it is not as bad as compared to many other nations of world.
People of Pakistan have managed to keep the spread of Covid-19 at bay by Observing various cleaning habits and practices
Smart Government practice and cooperation at various federal levels have meant Covid-19 thread has been kept in check.

The deficit has continued to Drop in fact government has started to report a positive surplus in trade in recent months due to many positive policies

Internal Threats:
Internally it seems , the biggest problem has been , allowing Nawaz Sharif and his clown Daughter to escape from certain prison term , if it was due to weakness in the Court system or loop holes it is an issue. The biggest impact of this decision has been the on going political disturbances being caused by Opposition group instead of them working with Federal Authorities to help people in need during Covid-19 time period.

Nawaz Sharif is proving to be a security concern

In last few weeks , we have heard many stories about capture of people with explosives and bombs which points to fact that may be opening the border with Afghanistan was not one of the wisest choices

The media has been spicing up the newspapers and tv media with many stories to rally up anti Government sentiment
  • More stories about chaos , rape , killings in local neighborhoods
  • More coverage of 1-2 seat holder politicians , who are not relevant in politics
  • Continuous coverage of Nawaz in Pakistani Media does not improves Pakistan's national security
Mean while courts and NAB have been ineffective to convict anyone rich convincingly

Opposition has played their part and tried to halt the Law introduction for abiding by the FATF demands around money laundering

External Threats:
  • Kalbhusan is still in custody , but not been hanged an international spy , yet unpunished for his crime his status has been confusing.
  • FATF , which has been continuously hanging on Pakistan's head as a distraction it is an external threat to Pakistan's economy
  • Opening Border with Afghanistan has increased the risk of illicit weapons' to enter Pakistan indirectly with RAW's support from Afghanistan
  • Indian presence in Occupied Kashmir is a major concern as well
  • Various foreign delegates entertaining , few minor politicians on 1 : 1 basis acting questionably

Attack on CPEC;
  • We have seen CPEC , senior member(Retired general) from Pakistan's side being pressurized by media and anti state elements to slow down CPEC
  • When Chinese head of state were to visit , the opposition groups decided to do a protest rally

Attack against Military by PML - N elements , and PPP
  • Now this is quite troublesome , we have seen a barrage of acquisition against Pakistan Military by members of PML-N , whose leader is a wanted criminal in Pakistan and is currently a fugitive. And against all advice it seems Bilawal is on path to support these outside players
  • Recent drama bazi on the Tomb of Qauid-e-Azam in Karachi where political elements took things too far.
  • The Media has provided tools for damaging stories against Pakistan Military again it is all being orchestrated by Maryem Nawazy

Falling Trust in the efficiency of Courts and Specially the Supreme Courts:
  • The emerging thought which came up after watching year 2020 , Pakistani courts are extremely slow and Courts are the #1 hinderance in a person not going to prison. Instead we see them enjoying their stay in Jail with luxury amenities
  • For many people the thought process was after PML Nawaz would go to jail he will rot in hell however the bail system by Pakistani courts is becoming counter productive
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Aug 11, 2020
United Kingdom
Military generals need to man up. I think there needs to be some cleansing in military as well. They need to stop talking to traitors. Full stop

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